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Discogs or other URL: https://www.thisisoursound.co.uk/our-store/Albums-c34583483
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(edit: website could take a while to load, it's crap designed with Wix /AFL)


Sorry, i should have been more clear, i meant is that one of the releases but cd version.

I can't load the site on any browser. Who ever has made that sight needs a slap. Its all over the show.

Yes, it's one of the TiOS CDs.

That website is done with the website maker Wix which is the worst trash one can use. Even Geocities was top notch compared.

Its awful dude, truly awful.

And the worst bit is i am 90% sure i have purchased a couple cd's from that site. Need to dig into my faults of physical releases.

so no chance to upload? or do you maybe have the album USB ?

What is it you're after mate? Cause i can speak to a Good Friend and ask him if he can send me some stuff in the meantime.

for example "Our Sound - The Album USB ( 7 DJ Mix MP3s + Full Length Tracks)" seems a good package or "Reloaded 3 by M3-O (Digital Only Album - Full Tracks + Mix mp3)" has an interesting tracklist

Nice one mate, i'll see what he can send me later and send update tomorrow. Hopefully if he has time to upload he'll send me a Master Pack of everything.

hopefully that will happen. Would be like early christmas :D

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