Stompy & Eazyvibe - The Story So Far


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Discogs or other URL:!/products/stompy--0x26--eazyvibe---the-story-so-far--0x28-30-track-usb-album---pre-order-0x29---free-worldwide-shipping
Catalog number: 247HCLP021
Year: 2020

Can fill with USB version or digital version that will probably release later. Best quality version available (can't say lossless since some stuff is MP3 only, like the mixes).


I haven't received mine yet.

Any updates on this request?

Digital came soon after the USB for Pigstyle, so I guess the only option is to wait for that.

Think it'll be 2021 when the Digital edition gets released. Sure that's what i have seen.

Have you received the USB yet?

I received it last year.

Do you plan on uploading it sometime?

Its a possibility, when I get out of hospital.

Dale, I join the request))

PM you in a hour Timer about this and another you're after.

Please could you send me check this out on that usb that be awesome

Leave it with me Buddy, i will be back in the UK soon for the Holiday's, my Wife and Kids are already home shifting through our Storage so i will let her know keep an eye out for my USB & Hard Drive box's.

Should keep her busy till i get back ;)

hehe, some daddy time :D

Nothing short to do in good old Hollywood either Brother \0/

I joined too :)

Look at that for a team effort :)

Maximum Effort !!!

oh nice, fast and good, thanks :)
both legend

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