Caramell - Caramelldansen (DJ Shimamura Remix) / キャラメル*– ウッーウッーウマウマ(゜∀゜)


Reward for filling the request: 


Request details: or other URL*: (track 4)
Catalog number*: QWCE-20004
Year*: 2008

The request is for the one track, but would love the whole album if anyone has it.

I've requested MP3 but would prefer lossless. I could have requested lossless but would rather someone got the points for an MP3 than having to miss out if they don't have lossless to share.



Okay, so I fucked up. My request was indeed for the track, but I mistakenly assumed the album was unmixed, which is why I linked it. I do still want the track, but I wanted the full unmixed version. It definitely exists as it's on YouTube, but this CD was the only release I could find it on.

Is it possible to edit the request and reopen it?

Was it also released in original (extended) version ?

I've managed to buy stuff from japanese itunes, back when everything was copyprotected. Sadly I dont remember the account details (I presume I just picked a random address in japan and had a creditcard that worked)

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