Force & Styles – Heart Of Gold (DNA Remix)


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This is one of those "it's so rare you've got no chance" requests. It's why I haven't bothered to request the Scott Brown remix of Discoland…

It's clearly out there, though, as someone has posted a skim through of the very dubplate you linked to on their YouTube, so you might get lucky, but I doubt it. If they're miserly enough to not post it in full there, that same person isn't likely to share a rip here.

I also have a request for an impossible Discoland a bit earlier here. The Chris Unknown 2009 thats hard :)

Yeah, I'd kill for that remix. Such a shame it never came out.

I know a guy who has it :)
Also an impossible to get track is Spash - Blame The Moon (Gammer's Cheesy Muffin Remix). At least digital, it was vinyl exclusive

Haha that's what you think! Put a request in and I'll fill it for you

Who knows, maybe it'll appear on the force & styles album that's to be released in 202...1? wtf its 2023 soon!!!! Hixxy, you never change XD

Ha! So true. I don't even see why the F&S album has anything to do with Mr Hicks but here we are XD

I'm sure it has something to do with Hixxy maybe owning the masters.

I own a Dubplate, but no way to rip it. Also has F&S - Set You Free on the other side.

Oh man, their remix is one of my fave versions of Set You Free! If you ever do find a way to rip it, make it known so someone can request it

I do love this remake, but I don't like it as much without that classic F&S kick drum. Tom's is a little too punchy imo.

EDIT: so on listening again he's either changed the kick since I heard the clip he posted, or my opinion of it has changed XD so I've downloaded it at last lol thanks for sharing

I'm not full aware of how this all works for a tune that old. But the studio it was pressed at is still open. Any chances the original data for the press would still be in their possession

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