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be good if someone would upload this, seen as masters of some tracks are flying about on here lol


Its not a USB. And it doesn't have what you think. It is missing a LOT.

You don't have to fill every leeching and begging asshole's request.

@Dale88 no problem

I never check if they're a member or not. My downfall really.

There are non members who share and members who just leech too. This doesn't say a lot.

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So he's literally just giving it away? I thought he was selling it

You missing about 30.1GB mate. The File is 32GB with 1000's of tracks. The link you shared is 1.9GB, a handful of tracks and random programs like Cubase. Not filled.

Oops sorry, please ignore first post all the files are there just in separate sub folders although the download quota limit is still exceeded

LOL what was he thinking with these randomly named nonsense files. And he's mixed in some pirated VSTs and samples in there too...

He really needs to sort his head out. Monday he was still charging people for this, then Tuesday gives it away for free, i'd be fuming if i had paid for it.

Also, there is more missing than the one i have.

is all the hypasonic remix of the saturdays in there?

What is the track title?

@dale88 track title is 'up'

It’s not there.

I bought the USB back in March and sorted out the track names.

All the Hypasonic tracks I bought it for weren’t there. He said he doesn’t have them. Surely you could reach out to your old promo list and try recover them again.

don't have a promo list unfortunately so looks like it's going to be impossible to get, beats me how he doesn't have the tracks he remixed but yet as everything else :/

How many tracks on the original file he sold for £70? I bought this the day before he gave it away as he said it was on sale for £25

When you bought the USB you got a Google Drive link with permission to view - now he made it public. There's no difference from what people who paid got.

wrong as dale said there is more tracks on the one he has paid for than the one he gave away free

I've asked around and it doesn't seem to be the case. Perhaps Dale can show some examples of tracks not in the public link to compare.

It should be noted that a 'Hypasonic USB' has been circulating on Soulseek before he started selling it with some of his AATW remixes in lossless, those are not included in the one currently sold.

yeah that would be a good, i do feel sorry for people that paid though it's all wrong tbh

There definetely isn't 1000's of tracks on the drive he shared, there are just over 450 tracks in total. I'd be pissed if I paid £70 for this drive.

i mean, it's pretty cool to have Overload or I Wanna Touch You as a mastered wav now

I'm currently searching for Hypasonic - Be Without You (Squad-E Remix) in his drive

Nope, it's a track that as far as i know has never been released by him, i have it in a not very good quality, but i've hoped that he maybe got it lying around in his drive

D:Code - Be Without You.

There are both Squad-E and Hypasonic mixes.

I have them on a hard drive somewhere.

yes, it's probably what i'm searching for

Are you willing to upload those?

Always amusing when producers like this have pirated software, etc, especially when historically they've spent a fair chunk of their time complaining about illegal downloads, etc LOL

From a brief nosey over the GDrive itself, he's not just included pirated samples, VST, Cubase software, etc, there's also a couple of mp3's in the folders with tagging that suggests they've been dl'd / obtained at some point from sites like mp3base, myfreemp3, etc.

Plus, there's also a chunk of tracks in the folders that aren't even his and he wasn't even involved with, including solo stuff by Re-Con, Styles, Gammer, etc. I reckon they'll be well happy with that LOL

I know he had serious issues with drugs going back into the '00's, when the whole DJ Sy thing kicked off, but he must have been on something when he shared this folder publically, containing other artists music / productions, and without any password restrictions, etc, especially after he'd already charged other people money to buy it earlier.

according to discogs

Wayne Donnelly
Real Name:
Wayne Donnelly
Doogie D, Hypasonic, Squad-E
In Groups:
Access 3, D:CODE, Onyx (2), Peace Makerz, Re-Con & Squad-E, S & H (2)
Viewing All | Wayne Donnelly
Donelly, Donnelly, W Donnelly, W Donnolly, W. Donnelly, Wayne Donnelly aka Hypasonic, Wayne Donnely


Has anyone managed to sort out the tracks? I started to - but having to work out what gdfgfgdfgdfgdfg and oooooooo etc was too much for me.

So he *sold* pirated software and music files.. should get him into trouble.

Here is the last album "Magic Touch" he made before he died. It is more of a "Soundcloud" Mix rather than an official album. RIP

Man, what a shame. I only found out due to Hardcore Underground putting a post on Twitter (I am not on FB)

In his heyday he was easily a very talented guy, making some absolute monsters for the dancefloors, the shit that happened with Sy was when i personally noticed a change in his Mental Health and Attitude. He never recovered from that.

RIP Wayne Donnelly ( DJ Squad-E)

Thanks for the music Wayne Donnelly. RIP

Does anyone know the name of the track in his magic touch mix between 1:03:50 - 1:07:30 Sounds like one if Wayne's remixes. Thanks

Discography needs to be posted as tribute So sad he's gone

Track is called Squad E - Never Let Go (Unreleased)

its offline, can you please reupload it

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where to find the "Magic Touch" album that was spoken about?

Bro you will have to ask the hundreds of XPRM members who downloaded it already to give you a live DL link to that album as U.L.D who upped it was banned. I didn't download the album so can't help ya but I got ya a new GD link as no XPRM member would, this is the best I can do soz. Good luck cuz

Can anyone remember what 'Re-Con & Squad-E - I Just Can't Get Enough' is under in the Google Drive? I still cannot find it within it, is there secret folders or something?

(I have the actual track just annoying me I can't find it myself)

twista/i cant get enough.wav?

The whole gdrive share is a mess after all

I don't know how I've scrolled past that so many times lol


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