Paradise ‎– Wanna Be Free THC002 2006


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@Rene: I have a VBR from the promo vinyl but I guess you want the files Nightshade uploaded, right?

Correct, either that or digitally sourced copies (but that doesn't seem to be in the cards apparently).

Lossless Vinyl:

Regarding digital, I'm sure that some of the earlier releases on this label did get a digital release on turbulence's own website. Not sure if this one did though. I think some may have been only 192kbps.

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Yes. All the digital copies of Turbulence Hardcore were only 192kbps MP3s.

To my knowledge, almost all TH had a digital version released.

As above, the releases were originally only available digitally via their own site in 192 in the mid '00's, then later were made available in 320 after they redesigned the site layout circa '09. At the same time they also released the tracks on iTunes, and i believe were also, briefly, available on the old SeriousSounds website that used to house first / exclusive release stuff from Lethal Theory, Maximum Impact, etc.

A couple of scrapes from the archive

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