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Catalog number: CYFIDC27
Year: 11 Oct 2010

HQ 320kbps.


Managed to dig my Cd's out of this what i burned 10 years ago, still work as new on my cdjays.

Will rip & tag them and upload.

CD's?! This was a digital only release. I know cause I bought most of the stuff off CYFID when it was around.

CDs that I burned, burned being the key word.

Try reading next time dude.

He doesn't want to post anything he has because this is 'too open'.

Unfortunately with the way this site has been build, Leech's like this dude will always exist, won't share a 'expensive' single.

I will rip and upload my copy next week when i did my singles out the loft.

As for my own request, i managed to find my old External drive with it on. Shame my motherboard still hasn't arrived from the states.

Just leeching is okay, but such folks like above should keep their dumb mouths shut instead of complaining and demanding.

Experience says the most demanding and shameless folks have nothing to offer and are heavily butt-hurt if you say "No.".

[edit: see below]

Sorry if I've come across as an arse. I've got in legal disputes from filesharing in the past so am very careful about where and how I share especially with unreleased/forthcoming stuff.
I'm certainly no leech, I just share on DB9 and privately these days. Guess I'm guilty of being a filesharing snob if anything.

Burning MP3's to CD then extracting the CD back into MP3's (even if at the same bitrate or WAV) is still a technically transcode. Data loss would be minimal but it would still lose some of the quality from the original source. I know a lot of DJ's did this back in the day so on a consumer level it's fine.

Anyway I shall keep my flippant remarks to myself in future and leave you all in peace. Apologies.

He said he found his original copy so that's not an issue anymore. Anyways, what's the point of keeping 10 and 20 year old releases exclusive to private trackers?

Exclusivity to it's members of course especially with early 90s vinyl releases in lossless (as opposed to the readily available Sour and scene VBR rips) along with things like the USB releases we are seeing a lot of and are £40 each for 10 tracks it's definitely worthwhile.

Exclusivity is becoming the new model for music now. Music Preservation Society and Kniteforce being the purveyors of the new model. Vinyl releases being only way to get the digital music. There are also rumours of a D&B dubplate surface coming next year which will use digital sources to keep track.

The net is tightening on filesharing so we should all react accordingly. Leaks are a major concern for artists at the moment so they are trying to find ways to combat that.

Personally I think streaming has been equally as damaging for the music industry as filesharing especially when stuff can just be downloaded for free (without DRM) off services such as Deezer and Beatport.

I fully understand if you are careful about uploading/sharing files on an open website.
You can always use a VPN and post as anonymous through VPN if you want.

Can't say I have had any pirating issues, at most my uploads get taken down with a DMCA complaint ... and my account was perma banned as well for sharing a FLAC release here.
I purchase music regularly and post it here, even physical discs.
I'm not a fan of "closed group sharing" and keeping things secret in a society ... altho with how many people just leech everything (Soulseek) it's not surprising some resort to this.

Just like how that one CDM from Tokyo Ghetto Pussy is 400 EURO on discogs, dickheads trying to score big $'s on it and those who have it refuse to share it..
Can't wait for the moment a cheap one comes along and it's gonna be online in FLAC...

Okay, I take back my assumptions and I am sorry for my also ass-like comment.

Getting into legal trouble for file sharing can have serious consequences in some larger Western countries like France, Germany and the USA. Being careful is reasonable and understandable. In Germany being sued for pirating can lead into high financial demand by lawyers and in the USA you can even go to prison for major pirating. What level Anarchic was pirating is not our business, I think.

Thou nobody from the feds cares about the things we share. They are occupied with concentrating on movie and latest games piracy.

(edit: harsh punishment in all mentioned nations is only for providing pirated software, copying and downloading is usually ignored by authorities, in Switzerland it's even legal)

Btw, some folks also refrain from sharing here because they think it's "unelite" to share things on an open website like this.

All in all it's everyone's own personal decision what he or she shares anyway.

Nor did he write anything from MP3. WAV->CD->WAV->MP3 sounds appropriate. And I don't see that with the ass that closely. Communication suffered anyway. It's getting worse and worse.

[btw] Translation by Google

This request can be closed, i have gotten my copy sorted off my old HDD Drive.

Dale, could you please post this comp, if possible?

I have sent a PM Dude.

Dale, is there any chance you could share this please. I’ve been after it for a long time. Made the mistake of only buy a couple of the tunes from it when it was released.

Hi there :) could i get a link to this comp please? been after it for a while but unfortunately cant find it for sale on any of the major sites which is a real shame. Many thanks

Hi there :) could i get a link to this comp please? been after it for a while but unfortunately cant find it for sale on any of the major sites which is a real shame. Many thanks

I would really appreciate the link as well if you don't mind. Can't find this anywhere

Any reason you can't share this Dale? It looks like a lot of people are looking for it.

Maybe because I'd rather not have leeches have it.

Requests won't be closed because you get it for yourself but when somebody shares a link with the full request.

How does that work, it's my request?

This is how requests are done on any site, request closes when there's an upload, not when the user finds it on their own.

Again, it's my request, i knew i had the release, i just couldn't find it at home.

And then found it, so i no longer need the request. Therefor the request can be deleted, no?

I think it's clear the request isn't going to get filled, the amount of PM's i have had about uploading my copy it seems nobody else has it.

If people are looking for it, then this request thread has a purpose.

Fair point.

What you share to the public, Dale, is of course your business but you are surely not the only single person who ever bought this.

In that sense as you mean it, it's not "your request". It's the request of this release on this website, which you made, not your property.

Fair enough, that answered my question \0/

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