Hardcore Nation - The Biggest Hardcore Anthems Ever!


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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://www.discogs.com/release/417808-DJ-Seduction-Stu-Allan-Robbie-Long-Hardcore-Nation-The-Biggest-Hardcore-Anthems-Ever
Catalog number*: WSMCD208
Year*:2005 (March 7th)

hi guys, im after this old album from 2005. There have been a few releases under this hardcore nation name but this one comes from the Warner Dance label. Thanks guys


thanks guys for the uploads. got the mp3 version, thought i'd point out that there seemed to be an issue with the cd1 cue file.

what kind of issue?

propably something easy as the wrong information or stored in the wrong format. I'll investigate. and reupload the cue if I can fix it.
edit 1: Ah, its missing all the track and artist information

The cd1 cue file didn't seem to contain any track information. I use a program to split the sets into the individual tracks and it came back with the missing information error on the first cd. Cd2 and cd3 split with no issues.Thanks again for the upload

Fixed the cue for you:
It will not be accepted by the CRC checker now though, so dont use the SFV

And considering the TITLE and PERFORMER data was completely blank, its no wonder your splitter software (Medieval CUE Splitter?) would throw a hizzy fit.

thanks man i appreciate it, tbh i only recently found out what the cue file was and that splitting sets with cue files was even possible. yup Medieval CUE Splitter that's the one

Good software. Too bad it can only modify cue files, not create them :(
(would've saved the pain of copy pasting a cue file hahaha)

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