Rob IYF & Al Storm - Hostile LP (30 Unmixed Tracks)


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Make a account and i'll fill with my USB Wav. Content.

Also after this if you could upload it @dale88

Hey man, i could, not sure on rules with uploading stuff for ANON accounts though, cause i have it in Wav, seems a waste to upload 320KBPS

You may upload what you like, Dale. It's just that non advanced members can't do requests for lossless. If you fill an mp3 request in lossless it is your choice.

I will upload the trailers for you Alpha, do you have a Lossless Version? If not i shall upload that for you too.

I only got uploaded mp3s. Would be great if get the lossless files plus the trailers to make it complete.

Is this the full 320 mp3 files?

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