Anon - I'm Raving I'm Raving


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Catalog number*: R2F003


Doubt there's any digital lossless versions of any tracks from the R2F label sadly.

Track it down used to have quite a few from the label in digital but I I can't remember exactly which ones I have a few just trying to see if there was ones I never got years ago

Are you explicitly looking for a web version of this or the vinyl?

I'm ideally looking for a WEB version but can't remember exactly if this was on trackitdown as I bought quite a few WEB Ripped 2 fcuk tracks when trackitdown was alive.

Here's the scener to get you started. I'm Ravin' sounds okay-ish, but Cheddar 2 is a bit rough.

I'll keep the request open though, I know for a fact JD had the first four R2Fs in mp3 before they purged mp3s, and I am very interested in those versions, as I'm missing a few of them.

I can only assume the digital mp3 versions are going to be pumped pretty loud like the later releases...

Both imodownload and TiD had mp3s of R2F releases as well, but I can't speak for what they did and didn't have...

K3V & Twisty legends! Not bad quality I'm hoping someone has some WEB versions that I'm missing.

Do any of you have R2F006 & R2F013? I'll happily open a new request if you do have. Again preferably in WEB Thanks for your help guys!

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