Pont Aeri Vol. 8 - Sweet Revenge (Scott Brown Remix)


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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://www.discogs.com/release/6207380-Pont-Aeri-Vol8-Sweet-Revenge
Catalog number*: PARMX 001 (N)
Year*: 2003

Looking only for Scott Brown remix sourced from vinyl, as from my research it seems the digital release of his remix was only released in crappy quality that looks like 128kbps converted 10 times.
Unless im wrong, and someone somehow got digital version in acceptable quality


This is from TrackItDown I believe, as its the only place I remember ever buying stuff from DJ Ruboy's labels on.
Quality wize, i can't say it's any worse than most 320kbs from 2008,I wont put the fill request in unless accepted (but yes, the quality is somewhat worse than the Original). Unless you want the original, but because that one I do have vinyl (and mp3) version off :P


It is exactly the same version i have and it sucks a lot, spectrum cuts off at 15khz and you can hear a lot of compression artifacts, so i guess i were right and this is how the digital release sounds,
so im looking for vinyl rip

Sadly I only have a compilation vinyl that has the original on it.

Shame, thanks anyway :)

Just to let potential uploaders know. The BC release is fake from the CD promo, not from vinyl.

That will save me some trouble, thanks

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