Ultimate NRG 5 (UNMIXED)

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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://www.discogs.com/release/4507144-Alex-K-KB-Project-2-XNRG-Ultimate-NRG-5
Catalog number*: 5333031
Year*: 2011

Only looking for the UNMIXED DJ friendly version.


Haven't got Spotify so can't see track times.

I seen a few full length tracks years ago on 4shared and forums, and they hadn't been released on any labels.

Time lengths can be read without having dumb Spotify. They are longer than the CD ones, so it's very probably the thing you are looking for.

It's the most confusing app I've ever seen, I clicked on play and a Clubland 18 track came on, which was unmixed so it probably is what I want. I wonder why that release isn't on Apple music...

How do I go about getting decent rips from Spotify?

Spotify sucks. I had it installed for a short time and it was just annoying. Long starting times, stupid user interface, lame search engine etc.

I never ripped from Spotify myself but it's streaming in VBR mp3 quality only.

Fuck that then. Hopefully someone will have it from when it was originally released.

For me most of the tracks are grayed out and only a few are white. Gray often means they are withdrawn/removed from the Spotify database so no way to play and rip them. (Sometimes gray says that the materials are restricted to a specific country but it's unlikely for this case). From what I see, this compilation is on sale on 7digital and amazon as well. The first shop has FLAC so that could be an option (pretty expensive one tho).

Btw I have ripped Spotify music with Sidify Audio Converter several times and got the spectres up to 20 kHz. No premium subscription or anything, just a "fixed" ripper. :)

Is KB Project - Trippy Biscuit available? I just realised thats really the only track I'm after.

No, it isn't.

I'm sure I have it unmixed, will have a look and upload if I do.

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