Re-Con & Fluxx – Free Again / Rok Da Crowd [FLAC]

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I have it, but if you're lucky, Hixxy is finally about to release something digitally in the coming months... at least he appears to be more optimistic about releasing them now than he did back in 2005.

That's the funniest thing I've heard in ages! XD For real, though, he did say in the R.O.A.R podcast it was because Universal held the rights for a lot of his label's music, so it's possible something is in the works, but I honestly wouldn't hold my breath...

Oh well, since it's Hixxy, I doubt it'll come out this year XD

I mostly bought this vinyl for the B-side, and this is sadly the best I could get. Raver Baby are known to have some dodgy pressings. I've already tried to rip it trice, but I cant get the quality to be any better than this :(

The "cut" highs are most likely from my recorder I had at the time I ripped this vinyl for the final time.

I might give this a re-rip and see if I can get it better

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oh yea! very good sound, A1 sounds like it's not Vinyl good work!!!

Those are some grade A vinyl rips. Nice loudness without noticable clipping and good sounding EQ, and minimal clicks and pops.

I'm replying on the email notice I got since it had more info :P
It was recorded at 45 / 0% on this turntable I got now. I usually time stretch tracks to fit the timestamp that's on the vinyl cover/label, if there's that kind of info present on the vinyl

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