Billy Bunter & CLSM - Need Your Emotion (Original)

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Request details: or other URL*:
Catalog number*: UKHC 2
Year*: 2005

320 or WAV. No Rips.


Since you linked to the UKHC 2 release, I assume you're requesting the "UK Hardcore Mix", not the original since the true original is a 140BPM trance track.
Maybe the admin could amend the title appropriately if that is the case.

Anyway, here is the UK Hardcore Mix digitally sourced, albeit at some variable bit rate so I won't fill the request with it but it's a start.

Your right I'm after the UK Hardcore Mix. I assumed the original was this version - In hardcore terms as D&G done the remix. My apologises, Yeah see what you mean by the bit rate. Nice one though mate. Hopefully someone else may have a cleaner copy.

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