Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Surco_Feat._Saray_-_Love_is_Roll-Vinyl-2004-NRG Open Dance 0 02-Aug-2018
Ric_Fellini-Welcome_To_Rimini-(CNT21197)-WEB-1998-DWM Open Dance 0 02-Aug-2018
T-TY RECORDS Open Happy Hardcore 0 02-Aug-2018
Krush Records UK Open Happy Hardcore 0 02-Aug-2018
hardcore happiness 3 Open Happy Hardcore 0 02-Aug-2018
Direct Hardcore Digital Open Happy Hardcore 0 02-Aug-2018
Justice Hardcore ‎– Justice Hardcore Presents Bringing The Justice Volume One Open Happy Hardcore 0 01-Aug-2018
G Dee-G Mini List Open Jumpstyle 7 01-Aug-2018
Lunatic - Fearless Album Open Hardcore 2 01-Aug-2018
Pillaged Hardcore (label) Open Happy Hardcore 0 01-Aug-2018
Flakee ‎– Let's Go (some Survival Soundz Digital tracks) Open Happy Hardcore 1 01-Aug-2018
Hoodzie - This is How We Rock It 2008 Open Happy Hardcore 0 31-Jul-2018
Paul Manx - I belong to you Open Happy Hardcore 3 31-Jul-2018
Stella-You_And_Me-(RAD-018)-Retail-Vinyl-1996-DBM Open Dance 0 31-Jul-2018
Darrien Kelly & The Unknown MC – The People Want More [CD] Open Hardcore 0 31-Jul-2018
Cybermouse ‎– Poisoned E.P. Open Hardcore 0 30-Jul-2018
I-Robots_Featuring_Spacer_Woman_-_Third_Millenium_(ELT001)-EP-2004-KTMP3 Open House 0 30-Jul-2018
CuttingEdge Hardcore Open Happy Hardcore 3 30-Jul-2018
Motor Tank ‎– The Plague EP Open Techno 0 29-Jul-2018
MJ feat. MARRS ‎– Bad Rmx by Simon Nedeczky Open House 0 29-Jul-2018
DJ Outblast+mix set Open Hardcore 0 29-Jul-2018
Marrs Vs. Nudisco Incl. Jacko Vs. Prodigy ‎– Untitled Open House 0 29-Jul-2018
someone will have that track please Open Jumpstyle 0 28-Jul-2018
Blutonium Boy - Make It Loud RMX? Open Hardstyle 2 28-Jul-2018
Crisis Era Ft. Seth Hills - BASSLEVEL (EXTENDED MIX) Open House 1 28-Jul-2018