Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
'Killer Traxx' promos and unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 0 07-Aug-2015
Clubbstars ‎– Ladadi... Open House 0 06-Aug-2015
Cosmic Commando Open Trance 1 30-Jul-2015
Phrenetikal Records :- missing releases Open Hardcore 4 29-Jul-2015
G-Rave Tracks Open Jumpstyle 8 28-Jul-2015
Anyone livesets Open Jumpstyle 3 26-Jul-2015
Dr_Alban-Hello_Afrika-LP-1990-DELTA Open Dance 3 26-Jul-2015
(SNR008) Hyrule War - Lost & Found E​.​P Open Hardcore 0 26-Jul-2015
'Chim!k' tracks Open Jumpstyle 4 26-Jul-2015
'Zof & SMB' tracks Open Jumpstyle 11 26-Jul-2015
Old promo's Open Jumpstyle 9 25-Jul-2015
BCN Records and other new makina music releases? Open Happy Hardcore 1 24-Jul-2015
'Atomik V' aka 'Dirty Jack' unreleased tracks Open Jumpstyle 6 23-Jul-2015
'K-Zero' tracks Open Jumpstyle 0 23-Jul-2015
7 Hellseeker & Doctor Terror ft Paranoizer - You Want To Make Money Open Speedcore 2 23-Jul-2015
(GazMoutarde02) Maissouille JT Labo 14 Poulos Uncloned - Gaz Moutarde 02 Open Frenchcore 0 23-Jul-2015
Plastikman--Sheet_One-(NOMU22CD)-CD-1993-dL_INT Open Techno 2 23-Jul-2015
Anyone livesets Open Jumpstyle 0 23-Jul-2015
Audiolab Production Open Hardcore 0 22-Jul-2015
Cosmic Baby (Frenchcore label) Open Frenchcore 3 22-Jul-2015
Spyder (Frenchcore label) Open Frenchcore 2 22-Jul-2015
Planet Kick Open Hardcore 0 22-Jul-2015
Nitrogene (Frenchcore label) Open Frenchcore 0 22-Jul-2015
Mozg (French underground hardcore label) Open Frenchcore 2 22-Jul-2015
Moloko (Frenchcore Label) Open Frenchcore 0 22-Jul-2015