Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
(AM-006) DJ Self - Crazy Noise Open House 0 19-Apr-2015
(AM-003) DJ Trajic - Toxic Wax Ep Open House 0 19-Apr-2015 and Sublabels Open Trance 3 19-Apr-2015
Audio surgery records full label Open Techno 1 19-Apr-2015
Überdruck Records (search for 320s) Open Hardstyle 1 17-Apr-2015
Blutonium_Boy_-_Dark_Angel_Remix_E.P.-WEB-2007-SCW Open Hardstyle 2 14-Apr-2015
[KU025] J-Mac & Tom Hayward ‎– Home / Kick The Rhythm / Get Up & Groove / Drop Th... Open Happy Hardcore 0 13-Apr-2015
[KU026] Re-Force ‎– Putcha Hands Up / Freaky / Creer Open Happy Hardcore 0 13-Apr-2015
Entwined Audio - Missing releases Open Hardstyle 0 09-Apr-2015
Thalamus vs The Rush - Shock Your Senses (The Rush Mix) 320 or better Open Hardstyle 2 09-Apr-2015
Greedy Records / Oldschool jump & newstyle label Open Jumpstyle 4 08-Apr-2015
Mark V. & Poogie Bear ‎– Buzzin Open House 1 07-Apr-2015
DJ_Lee_-_I_Know-CDM-2007-SCW_INT Open Hardstyle 0 02-Apr-2015
DCKRBLCK001 'till DCKRBLCK005 Open Hardcore 0 31-Mar-2015
(DCKR010) INK - Teknologik Raggainvasion Open Hardcore 0 31-Mar-2015
(DCKR007) [email protected] - Oblivium Open Hardcore 0 31-Mar-2015
(DCKR006) The Dreamhunterz - World Of Sounds Open Hardcore 0 31-Mar-2015
(DCKR004) Squall vs Coltek - Direction-Hardness Open Hardcore 0 31-Mar-2015
(DCKR003) Angelcore - Italian Madness Open Hardcore 0 31-Mar-2015
(DCKR001) System122 - Raining Core Open Hardcore 0 31-Mar-2015
VA - Frenchcore K1tessence (Abralcore ESPRODCD07) Open Frenchcore 1 31-Mar-2015
D-STROY RECORDS Open Hardcore 0 30-Mar-2015
Looking for 'Momentum Music' non-sceners Open Hardstyle 0 27-Mar-2015
DK_-_Murder_Was_the_Bass_(DK08)-Vinyl-2003-aZTeK Open Techno 1 27-Mar-2015
Several hard to find songs! Open Hardstyle 0 17-Mar-2015