Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Skam - Cyber Bam Open Trance 0 01-Oct-2015
Presswerk_-_Dont_Cry-Retail_Vinyl-2002-SQ Open Trance 0 30-Sep-2015
Danny Casseau and Chich Open Techno 2 25-Sep-2015
3rd Oldschool Requests Open Oldschool 3 25-Sep-2015
The_Peter_Luk_Project_-_Freak_Out-Vinyl-2003-NBD Open Trance 0 22-Sep-2015
Delight_Pleasure_-_Phenomenia-Vinyl-2003-NBD Open Trance 0 21-Sep-2015
HARD Label Open Dance 0 21-Sep-2015
awsum label Open Dance 0 21-Sep-2015
Angel_Feat_Sistema_3_-_Angels_Story-Vinyl-2002-MS Open Trance 0 20-Sep-2015
IDENTIFY track similar melody "A-Lusion - The first sound" Open Hardstyle 2 19-Sep-2015
Diffusser_-_Einfach-Vinyl-2001-FKK Open Trance 0 18-Sep-2015
Two-Time_-_Alone_in_the_Sea-(Insmx240)-Vinyl-2003-EviL Open Trance 0 14-Sep-2015
VA-Discoteque_Sensation_volume_08-CD-WEB-FLAC-2015-DsC Open Dance 0 12-Sep-2015
Mr_X_and_Mr_Y-Viva_La_Revolucion-(EK_008)-(Vinyl)-1999-UTB Open Techno 1 10-Sep-2015
Verzus_-_Renewed_Energy-Promo-Vinyl-2002-TWCMP3 Open Trance 0 07-Sep-2015
Ricky T - Techno EP Open Techno 0 07-Sep-2015
Various old rls Open Oldschool 4 05-Sep-2015
Dj_Alan_Dexter_-_Elisir-Vinyl-2002-SnS Open Trance 0 04-Sep-2015
Privilege-X_-_Privilege-X_V.1.0-(Lgmx048)-Vinyl-2001-EviL Open Trance 0 04-Sep-2015
Jesus_Elices_and_Fernando_Ballesteros_-_Bubble_Dream-Vinyl-2002-EviL Open Trance 0 04-Sep-2015
Klubbheads Singles, EP's & VA's Open House 8 03-Sep-2015
Dj_Ray_-_The_Music-Vinyl-2002-SQ Open Trance 0 03-Sep-2015
Dj_Nano_-_Fucking_in_the_Sky-Retail_Vinyl-2002-SQ Open Trance 0 02-Sep-2015
Club_Diva_-_Club_Delicious_Theme-Promo-Vinyl-2002-DOC Open Trance 0 01-Sep-2015
Abel_The_Kid_And_Raul_Ortiz-Reload-Vinyl-2003-DOC Open Trance 0 01-Sep-2015