Open requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
(NBDL005) 臨界モスキー党 - ジャケ害(配信バージョン) Open Hardcore 0 25-Nov-2015
(NBDL009) VA - Notebook Records Sampler Page 2 Open Hardcore 0 25-Nov-2015
(JNEX-0001) you - Diamond Smile Open Happy Hardcore 0 25-Nov-2015
(ADN139) Semiomime-From_Memory-(ADN139)-DIRFIX-CD-FLAC-2011-AUDIO Open Techno 0 23-Nov-2015
Two_UC_Hits - SdA releases Open Techno 0 22-Nov-2015
DJ Duco ‎– In Your Head (DUCO 001) (320) Open Hardstyle 2 18-Nov-2015
Erik_Besier_and_Frank_Lorber-Micropacer-(Nummer014)-Vinyl-2006-NYD Open Techno 0 18-Nov-2015
Lorber_and_Sikora_-_St.Emilion-(Nummer0026-Vinyl)-2003-DRUM Open Techno 0 18-Nov-2015
DJ_Kurt-Ill_Make_Yas_Hardcore_2008__Morning_Sun-LTR0012-WEB-PROPER-READ_NFO-2008-HTiD Open Happy Hardcore 0 18-Nov-2015
Missing some releases Open Techno 2 14-Nov-2015
Ugly_kid_jay_-_the_day_the_earth_caught_fire-1999-nbd Open Trance 2 09-Nov-2015
Miguel_Alvarez_-_Simbiotic-Vinyl-2003-EviL Open Techno 0 08-Nov-2015
Abel_the_Kid_and_Raul_Ortiz_-_Groove_3.0-Vinyl-2003-EviL Open Trance 1 08-Nov-2015
DJ_Sergey_-_Psicosis-Vinyl-2003-EviL Open Techno 0 07-Nov-2015
Full_Equipe_-_Football_Days-Vinyl-2004-EviL Open Trance 0 06-Nov-2015
Privilege_X_-_Privilege_X_0.2__Incl_DJ_Ray_One_Hour_Mix-Vinyl-2004-EviL Open Techno 0 06-Nov-2015
Camelot - Joan Of Arc (PROPER CDM) Open Dance 0 04-Nov-2015
Medical Cut - Hyphaema Open Hardcore 2 04-Nov-2015
Heinzenberg - Bad Trip Open Jumpstyle 2 01-Nov-2015
Dj_Cool-D-Live_at_Warmduscher_12_(Power_Hit_Radio)-09-08-2003-CABLE-2003-NFH Open Oldschool 0 30-Oct-2015
FUTS (Andrea Montorsi Mix) (full) Open Trance 0 30-Oct-2015
Dj LB - Fanatic System (Major Bryce Remix) Open Jumpstyle 0 29-Oct-2015
Hollow - Nuclear Melody Open Jumpstyle 3 28-Oct-2015
Rudy's Playhouse ‎– The Dog House E.P. (WR-004) Open Oldschool 0 28-Oct-2015
Forgiven_World-Freedom_For_Expression-Vinyl-1999-1REAL Open Trance 0 27-Oct-2015