Filled requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
[DWM014] Showtek - Today is tomorrow album Sampler 1 WEB Filled Hardstyle 3 29-Nov-2012
Ruffneck ‎– Divine Intervention (ENZYME033) WEB 320kbps Filled Hardcore 1 29-Nov-2012
FUSIONCD 004-2 Toneshifterz- Till Daybreak Meets Album WEB Filled Hardstyle 1 29-Nov-2012
Nosferatu & Endymion vs The Viper - Project hardcore WEB Filled Hardcore 1 29-Nov-2012
FUSION 143 Omegatypez - The Spirit__Dirty Style WEB Filled Hardstyle 1 29-Nov-2012
FUSION 126 Toneshifterz- Till Daybreak Meets Album Sampler 3 WEB Filled Hardstyle 1 29-Nov-2012
[FUSION124] Noisecontrollers - Till Daybreak Meets Album Sampler 2 WEB Filled Hardstyle 3 29-Nov-2012
Brennan_Heart_-_Memento__Musical_Impressions_(Remixes) Filled Hardstyle 4 28-Nov-2012
Noisecontrollers-Crump__FUSION041-5_-WEB-2007-DFM Filled Hardstyle 1 27-Nov-2012
Killer_Clown_-_Tormented__Silentium-(SPK029-5)-WEB-2009-JiM Filled Hardstyle 2 27-Nov-2012
FFF-20.000_Hardcore_Members_Cant_Be_Wrong-(MURCD010)-2CD-FLAC-2011-AUDIO Filled Breakcore 2 27-Nov-2012
Ophidian_-_Spectral_Plane-(META3_02)-WEB-2011 Filled Hardcore 2 26-Nov-2012
Total Hardcore, Lille - Rotterdam - Antwerp - Barcelona (2001) 3CD Filled Hardcore 1 26-Nov-2012
Kaskade feat. Neon Trees - Lessons In Love (Headhunterz Remix) Filled Hardstyle 1 26-Nov-2012
Partyraiser and Triax - Assassins - Megarave Records Filled Hardcore 1 26-Nov-2012
M D And A.-Vinyl Junkies-(GAB02-5)-Vinyl-1996 Filled Oldschool 1 25-Nov-2012
Gammer-Bust__Rippin-(MUFN002)-WEB-2008-CHC Filled Happy Hardcore 2 25-Nov-2012
Sarin_Assault_-_Undead_And_Devil_Revisited-(KTRXT004)-WEB-2010 Filled Hardcore 2 25-Nov-2012
J_roOt_and_How_Hard_Vs_External_Noizes_-_Unknown_Faith-(HKD012)-WEB-2010-SRG Filled Hardcore 1 25-Nov-2012
Gammer_and_Francis_Hill-It_Will_Be_Alright-MUFN004-WEB-2009-XTC Filled Happy Hardcore 2 24-Nov-2012
Sarin Assault vs. Moleculez - Untitled (2007) Filled Hardcore 1 24-Nov-2012
Accelerator & Radiate - Open your mind Filled Hardcore 1 24-Nov-2012
Bad links Cherry Moon Compilation Filled Happy Hardcore 1 24-Nov-2012
wildstylez year of summer Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Nov-2012
E-Noid - I Don't Give A Damn (Original Mix) Filled Hardcore 2 24-Nov-2012