Filled requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Antoine_Clamaran_-_Univers_EP_Part_III-Promo-Vinyl-2003-MTR Filled House 2 11-Aug-2018
Antoine_Clamaran-Zoo-(Congos005)-Promo_Vinyl-2004-USF Filled House 2 11-Aug-2018
Igneon System ‎– The Executioner EP Filled Hardcore 2 11-Aug-2018
Ellrich_And_Plaice-Fucking_Society__Remixes-WEB-2010-WAV Filled Trance 1 10-Aug-2018
VA - Frenchcore Stickout Filled Frenchcore 1 10-Aug-2018
Bionator Project - Brainstabber Filled Frenchcore 1 10-Aug-2018
Celvin_Rotane_Featuring_Frankie_Mccoy-Push_Me_To_The_Limit_The_Remixes-CDM-FLAC-1995-MAHOU Filled House 1 10-Aug-2018
Darren Styles - The Dragon Filled Happy Hardcore 1 10-Aug-2018
18x scene releases COLDHRABOUR RECORDINGS Filled Trance 4 10-Aug-2018
Satronica + Unexist ‎– Fuck The System (Remixes Part Two) (ISRDIGI095) Filled Hardcore 1 10-Aug-2018
DJ_Boozywoozy_-_Booze_It_Up-CD-2002-HB_INT Filled House 4 09-Aug-2018
Malice - Brutalized (GBD243) 2018 Filled Hardstyle 1 09-Aug-2018
IGor_-_Twisted__Straight_Outta_Kielce-(PRSPCTXTRM026)-WEB-2016-HB Filled Hardcore 2 09-Aug-2018
Nath-D - Get Freaky Filled Jumpstyle 1 09-Aug-2018
Jubaba--Ritmo_De_Bom_Bom-(MX-428)-Vinyl-1992-dh Filled House 1 09-Aug-2018
Generator_Group_Electrogen_-_Virtual_Sex-(MX400)-Vinyl-1992-MS Filled Techno 1 09-Aug-2018
Hunter_-_Code_303-(BLQ009)-WEB-2001-gnvr_INT Filled Hardstyle 10 09-Aug-2018
David_Surok_-_Spring-(BTSR001F)-WEB-2015-ZgbK Filled Trance 1 09-Aug-2018
VA-Another_Kingdown-(TRANSELUCID05)-Vinyl-2011-CT Filled Techno 2 09-Aug-2018
Nhato-Tokyo_Blue_Pipe-(OTO001)-WEB-2010-FRAY Filled Trance 2 08-Aug-2018
Steve_Brian_-_Yebaka-WEB-2016-HB Filled Trance 2 08-Aug-2018
VA-Flashover_Recordings_Presents_Dimension_The_Extended_Collection-WEB-2016-UKHx Filled Trance 2 08-Aug-2018
CRYOGENIC - NO REGRETS EP Filled Hardcore 1 08-Aug-2018
Dione- Garden of Murder Filled Hardcore 1 07-Aug-2018
Braintune - Deathcult Filled Hardcore 1 07-Aug-2018