Dupe requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
D-Verze - The Cycle Dupe Hardstyle 1 21-Dec-2013
Dance Pollution Releases Dupe Hardstyle 0 18-Dec-2013
Coone-Words_From_The_Gang-(ZOOLTD002)-WEB-2008-UKHx Dupe Hardstyle 1 17-Dec-2013
HCR-003 Alphaverb ‎– Go Crazy Dupe Hardstyle 1 09-Dec-2013
THE_VISION_-_FREE_EP-(DWX036)-WEB-2010-HB Dupe Hardstyle 1 09-Dec-2013
Micky_Modelle-Dancing_In_The_Dark_(Breeze_And_UFO_Remix)-WEB-2009-Homely Dupe Happy Hardcore 0 09-Dec-2013
DJ Boombasstrick - Yo'Kickin'Heel (1995) Dupe Happy Hardcore 0 30-Nov-2013
Dj_Neox_&_Javi_Molina_-_All_The_Things_She_Said_EP-(BR015)-WEB-2011-THL Dupe Hardcore 2 27-Nov-2013
[HMR031] Ncrypta – Broken Circle Dupe Hardstyle 0 31-Oct-2013
Q Dance Hardstyl top 40 April 2013 Dupe Hardstyle 0 23-Oct-2013
Label Request: Ripped 2 Fcuk Dupe Hardcore 0 11-Sep-2013
(all) D-Tox releases (320kbps) TNC Dupe Hardcore 1 19-Aug-2013
Babaorum Records Collection Dupe Jumpstyle 0 08-Aug-2013
D-Teq Secrets Of Dreams EP ‎ Dupe Hardstyle 0 29-Jul-2013
Dhhd_-_Rush_2004-Remix-(SP0401)-vinyl-2004-SND Dupe Hardstyle 0 25-Jul-2013
Various Hakkeehhh!! (1997) cd Dupe Hardcore 0 13-Jul-2013
D-Teq-Secrets of Dreams E.P MM003 Dupe Hardstyle 0 30-Jun-2013
Dr. Peacock - Extreme Tention EP Dupe Hardcore 0 20-Jun-2013
Alpha Twins - Smack My Derb (320kbps) Dupe Hardstyle 0 05-Jun-2013
Brain Ovulation - Only Kick (FN000) (Vinyl or mp3 320) Dupe Hardstyle 0 30-May-2013
Nekrolog1k//faces of war (nlg1kcd666) Dupe Hardcore 0 14-May-2013
SRB - Rocket Muppet (TIT20133) Dupe Hardcore 0 07-May-2013
srb - terror time Dupe Hardcore 0 01-May-2013
D-Teq-Secrets of Dreams EP Dupe Hardstyle 0 28-Apr-2013
Dj Voldo - Coppers Dupe Hardcore 0 18-Apr-2013