Dupe requests

Request titlesort descending Status Genre Cmt Date
Luna ‎– Now's The Time (The Official "One Man Show" Anthem) [Q030] WEB Dupe Hardstyle 1 04-May-2014
Various ‎– Gearbox Remix Competition (GBD053) Dupe Hardstyle 1 23-Dec-2013
Various ‎– Summer Contamination Unit 2 [TNC] Dupe Hardcore 2 30-Jun-2015
(all) D-Tox releases (320kbps) TNC Dupe Hardcore 1 19-Aug-2013
-(ENZYME-X04) VA-Opbokken_And_Post-Traumatic_Fuckup-(Enzyme_X04)-Vinyl-2002-DOC Dupe Hardcore 0 24-Mar-2013
-(ENZYME-X06) Enzyme_X_-_Hammerhead_and_Kapotnaaien-(ENZYME_X06)-Vinyl-2002-DOC Dupe Hardcore 0 24-Mar-2013
2 best enemies - Phases Dupe Hardstyle 2 25-Jan-2016
A-Lusion ‎– Drummer Beat / Re-Vera [320KBIT] Dupe Hardstyle 2 06-Mar-2014
A2 Records - Unleashed (SCCD005) [2011] FLAC/WAV Dupe Hardstyle 0 30-Jun-2012
Alegria-Cuba_Libre_Remixes-PROMO_VINYL-2003-BPM_HOUSE Dupe Techno 2 21-Oct-2016
All released Headhunterz - Origins Dupe Hardstyle 1 23-Oct-2014
Alpha Twins - Smack My Derb (320kbps) Dupe Hardstyle 0 05-Jun-2013
Alpha Twins - The Darkside Dupe Hardstyle 1 14-Mar-2012
Alpha Twins ‎– Smack My Derb (SMACK001) (320 Kbps) Dupe Hardstyle 0 03-Aug-2014
Alphaverb_-_Alphabet_Sessions_Part_2-(AVIO126) 320 kbps Dupe Hardstyle 1 29-Jun-2015
Anything from 'THERABYTE' Dupe Hardstyle 13 06-Feb-2013
Art Of Fighters - Premonition 320kbps Dupe Hardcore 0 02-Nov-2012
Autopsy_-_Digital_Violence-(AA19)-WEB-2012 Dupe Hardcore 1 22-Mar-2014
B-Front - Mysterias (FULL) Dupe Hardstyle 1 16-Sep-2012
B-FRONT_-_MYSTERIAS-(FUSION158)-WEB-2012-HB Dupe Hardstyle 1 25-Apr-2015
Babaorum Label (Zippy plz) Dupe Jumpstyle 0 26-Feb-2013
Babaorum Records Collection Dupe Jumpstyle 0 08-Aug-2013
Basic Movements Records Dupe Jumpstyle 0 12-Mar-2015
Bass Brothers - Mental Health (GBD071) Dupe Techno 0 23-Feb-2015
Bass Boi Aka BenKay DJay- Celtic Hardstyle [Extended Mix] Hard-Static Records (S.A.) Dupe Hardstyle 1 04-Jul-2015