Admin, could you add a space after "Discogs or other URL:" in the "Add request" box, just like in & year lines, please?9 months 1 week ago
Using scene release name in request title leads to fast anonfile upload (if available ofc, within hour)9 months 1 week ago
Since that site managers can get any scene release imaginable on their own what help they expect? Buying releases from shops? Ripping from deezer?9 months 1 week ago
Accepted based on what? Classic issue of "I got a cool nickname and I promise I'll contribute to the site (actually I've been leeching for decades and I'm always up to easier leeching options)"?9 months 1 week ago
Label Collecto is still alive and kicking but now private only, so you need to be accepted in there ...9 months 1 week ago
Im trying to get an invite to labelscollecto but my username from here only has three characters and wordpress needs at least four, so im trying it without my typical username9 months 1 week ago
Labels Collecto became private wordpress. It means, you can't see page content if you don't have an account here and you're request isn't accepted by page owner.9 months 1 week ago
anyone know what happend to labelscollecto9 months 1 week ago
where is labelscollecto site?9 months 1 week ago
Hello Guys! Please reupload this: months 2 weeks ago
nice <img src=""> cool [img][/img]9 months 2 weeks ago
if Timer is still available, would you please consider re-upping Nukleuz: months 3 weeks ago
Who can download tracks from Spotify or Tidal?9 months 3 weeks ago
2 rip: you may use (my fav) and (formerly to dl fresh releases ;)10 months 6 days ago
Lol10 months 6 days ago
anyone knows what happended to it only redirects now10 months 6 days ago
400+ bpm rawcorehardstlye!!! the best only matey :)10 months 6 days ago
What kind of hardstyle do you like the most? (A question for hardstylers)10 months 1 week ago
If you want to keep it alive then don't upload it as 400+ separate zippy links10 months 1 week ago
Please keep this rare stuff alive10 months 1 week ago
Happy hardcore & oldskool dj mixes from
10 months 1 week ago
Hi, before I register here, I want to respect the rules of this board. Is this a good place to look for PROMO ONLY Rhythm Club volumes from the 90s and 2000's?10 months 2 weeks ago

Can the topic reopend?

There is posted a dead link
10 months 2 weeks ago
Could somebody upload the new Cap'tain 2018 compilation?10 months 3 weeks ago
could somebody reupload if possible?11 months 1 day ago
Great work Borgild <3 So many alternatives!11 months 6 days ago
Fell free to check all the sites from :P This type of "fine-tuning" and @ free accounts is quite rare, usually if you need somthing expire fast you use wetransfer11 months 1 week ago
Are there any file host services that support the "self destruct" functionality (i.e., files get deleted after certain ammount of time)11 months 1 week ago
Thanks, admin! While we're still at it: also got the same mismatch (tho the difference is not that noticeable, unlike 2 previous sites mentioned :)11 months 1 week ago ID???11 months 1 week ago
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