hardhouse, where r u???10 months 6 days ago
:'(10 months 1 week ago
Dj Zenith passed away on 18th march :'(
RIP legend!
10 months 1 week ago months 1 week ago months 2 weeks ago
Hardcore mix done :D10 months 2 weeks ago
Anyone haves the italian label Groucho?
10 months 2 weeks ago
*not exactly digits: StoreIdT = (mostly) lower case letters + digits; LabelCode = digits + (sometimes) uppercase letters10 months 2 weeks ago
Ye, recheck those few early tracks I _bought_ at Google Play, found PRIV tags: Google/StoreIdT<26 digits> + Google/StoreLabelCodePADPIDA<year><month><day><3 digits>. Ripped ones are fine10 months 2 weeks ago
hmm have you tried hexaeditor to spot them10 months 2 weeks ago
early amazon releases used watermarked frequencies with ID3v2 tagging.
googles playstore uses ID3v2 PRIV to identify the google account.
different stores different association to the account.
10 months 2 weeks ago
Well the whole ID3v2 frame(tag) is hidden when its not meta directed if not viewed with a proper viewer.10 months 2 weeks ago
So now these hidden tags in mp3s suddenly migrated from to "different shops". What shops then? Pretty sure it's not junodownload/beatport/hardtunes/djshop/trackitdown/digital-tunes/bandcamp/google play.10 months 2 weeks ago
had a few files from different shops which used on TSRC the TrackID and the Users Shop ID10 months 2 weeks ago
TSRC = ISRC ( I mentioned before, np to keep it. UFID - ye, you should delete it. Only I haven't find examples yet that's untouched mp3s have this tag10 months 2 weeks ago
depends on the viewer. Most players shows you the basic ID3v1 & v2 Meta. If you check Perry's ID3 Tag Viewer it shows you a bit more in the IDv2 Frames. Like TSRC and UFID. A few shops are using those frames to identify the track itself or the buyer.10 months 2 weeks ago
They are either very hidden or non existent cause MP3TAG does not show anything "special" on my MP3s from them (besides the generic track id and url like Borgild mentioned) .10 months 2 weeks ago
I saw a non-retagged's track long ago but afair there're ISRC (it's just a track's generic ID in worldwide audio catalog) & WWW (aka URL) tags, nothing related to order/buyer ID. Can you name these "nasty" tags/values or it's just a rumor?10 months 2 weeks ago
you can also get 320 from Hardstyle but you have to keep in mind before sharing it, you should have done an wipe to the ID3Tag. trackid and buyid are hidden in the section of the id3tags which aren't public visible. You have to use an ID3Tag viewer for it10 months 3 weeks ago
Hello buddies :D lol10 months 3 weeks ago
WAV it is then ;)
POW-040/041/042 are ready :)
10 months 3 weeks ago
of course lossless format is much better then mp310 months 3 weeks ago
aGGyunit i think the mp3 files are watermarked in the file code. if you convert the file to mp3 320kbps the watermark dissapears10 months 3 weeks ago
Does watermark their MP3s ? Or do I purchase the WAV to be safe?10 months 3 weeks ago
COLLECTO you the real MVP ma dude!!!!10 months 3 weeks ago months 3 weeks ago
Can someone upload all the tracks of POW Records? PLZ10 months 4 weeks ago
na its alright, its exactly what i wanted :)10 months 4 weeks ago
It's stiil not clear for me what u want, but anyway I've added a link to the messages in the main menu next to "Profile" item.10 months 4 weeks ago
we can send over the profile page private messages and the text for a new pm is hidden in the shoutbox page. but you can directly visit the page over the shoutbox link:
properbly worth mentioning in the navigation.
10 months 4 weeks ago
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