Wouldn't boast with membership history with your 0 karma stat. In theory you can searchfor releases at google, 1gabba, soulseek, dc++, usenet, paid ftp servers with scene releases, etc. Hell, even reuploading rapidgator links would help, lol12 months 4 days ago
I would love to help with the uploads; But I do not have access to 0day, I am part of the site a one year and three months, what can I do to help my teammates?12 months 4 days ago
Junodownload may be DRM free but I'm not sure that means they aren't able to track files via watermarks. There exists "Junodownload_Watermark_Remover_READ_NFO-LOYALTY_INT" but maybe this is now outdated.12 months 4 days ago
Please addet the other genres ... this is not fair ;(12 months 4 days ago
till new project goes online...12 months 4 days ago
Make Rules, like request limit ...12 months 4 days ago
That is not ok, i thought its about earning karma... and i can only share what i have, and when i look at others i have nothing ;)12 months 4 days ago
good my ratio12 months 4 days ago
@admin me too contribute requests like they (but sometimes if i have got time)12 months 4 days ago
@admin LOL, then therefore i will quit from XPRM site, goodbye! :P12 months 4 days ago
maybe i will make available those genres to people that approved their contribution (like hardhouse, tbeer, ANERSO, djgend, karl.heinz, etc)12 months 4 days ago
thanks to all people like zsagent (Member for: 9 months 3 weeks, Requests: 302, Ratio: 0.0)12 months 4 days ago
Goodbye! :P
12 months 4 days ago
I quit from XPRM! I think ANERSO can fill all requests!12 months 4 days ago
Why end "dance" and any genres requests? It's pointless.12 months 4 days ago
read all my messages12 months 4 days ago
That's radical solution, will hit some ppl hard :O Could you consider shortening/removing "not allowed" label list btw? I can only remember rage about sharing Stamina CD rips ~last year + maybe some defunct hc labels from Audiosickness (ex-)catalog...12 months 4 days ago
I think you removed the old trance etc requests? Dont see them anymore?12 months 4 days ago
i'm thinking of new request project with strictly rules, ratio system (torrent-like), etc. but still unsure if it's necessary12 months 4 days ago
hardcore, hardstyle, etc will remain the same12 months 4 days ago
old request pages will remain alive, but creating new requests will be impossible12 months 4 days ago
so i've decided to stop making new requests with low priority genres12 months 4 days ago
some of them are members for years and made zero uploads12 months 4 days ago
experience has shown that people don't understand for what purposes this site was created, they spam with requests freely without any responses12 months 4 days ago
hi to all, a lot of time past since additional genres (trance, house, dance, etc) were added12 months 4 days ago
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