It's like that on any labels website ... if people only need a few releases, it's better if all is posted separately instead of one huge pack which contains lots of things they already have ...11 months 2 weeks ago
And even Zippy'd suck if every god-damn 1-track release had a separate d/l link when a label pack is uploaded. You made well sure your uploads won't be easy to get for most people, gj11 months 2 weeks ago
I have a Real Debrid account which opens everything ...11 months 2 weeks ago
Maybe YOU "get a fucking premium" so your links stay online for more than a month since last download. Otherwise it's the same as Zippy that "never stays online"11 months 2 weeks ago
Zippy never stays online and MEGA gets reported way too fast11 months 2 weeks ago
By the way: for everybody who is still whining about the RapidGator links: get a fucking premium or get a Real Debrid account (which unlocks ALLLLL premium stuff out there), it's not expensive and if you really want the stuff, get a fucking premium :)11 months 2 weeks ago

@ANERSO please reupload ... thank for reading and helping my request :)
11 months 3 weeks ago
@ANERSO please reupload this! months 2 days ago
Like it;s ungooglable rocket science... months 2 days ago
Hi Admin, can you explain me how you could see that they were reencodes from a lower source? (The flac files i uploaded you)Since i have a few more flac files without a proper scene release. And i fear that they are reencodes aswell.I would appreciated it12 months 2 days ago
@Darkman, well-deserved rest, @Tekdee too, helped me with some unfilled requests12 months 3 days ago
@thevolution good question, i think that they rest...12 months 3 days ago
where is Hardhouse and ANERSO?12 months 4 days ago
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