@aGGyunit:yes10 months 6 days ago
I'm just curious about some labels are not permitted to request. Anyone knows why?10 months 1 week ago
@Stranger @aGGyunit
I don't know what the two of you want to say
10 months 1 week ago
some here which exactly collections you men?10 months 2 weeks ago
Would it be possible for someone make a special collection for the happy hardcore section? I see many special large release packs for hardcore and hardsyle but none for the happy / UK hardcore tracks.10 months 2 weeks ago (dropbox like) gave away some years ago 1TB free accounts, but i don't know their policy to abuses and don't have it...10 months 2 weeks ago
@bilyardo : still need help with that Nitroflare file?10 months 2 weeks ago
@Borgild True10 months 2 weeks ago
It's still pretty common 200 MB/file limit + this "eternal 7z public link" trick can stop working any moment with vk's site engine/sharing policy update10 months 2 weeks ago
so is the hottest new file host ? good lord >_>10 months 2 weeks ago
@aGgyunit No problem, I forgot that Documents aren't appear in default settings. Anyway, uploaded file should be signed as "Other Document", because it makes the document becomes available to everyone, not just for uploader.10 months 2 weeks ago
@KonFish : thank you, got it working (after enabling Documents in the Settings) :)10 months 2 weeks ago
@aGgyunit To upload files gi to "Documents". Then "Add Document". To give download link, right click on uploaded file and copy link adress. I forgot to tell you that maximum file size is 200 000 000 B (~190 MB).10 months 2 weeks ago
@KonFish : I made a account, but I don't see where to upload the 7z files?10 months 2 weeks ago
@KonFish : I will check out, thank you. Would be great for people to just download the files without needing a premium account or waiting for slow free downloads :)10 months 2 weeks ago
@KonFish i know it but it is only 300mb---i need to get a 940mb---so any one can help me?10 months 2 weeks ago
@aGGyunit, files won't expire and possibility to give direct link. Unfortunately registration required (free) and mp3 files must be packed to 7z, not rar/zip.

@bilyardo Use
10 months 2 weeks ago
What free file sharing site do you recommend to upload to for filling requests here?10 months 3 weeks ago
is there anyone has a nitro flare premium????10 months 3 weeks ago
@Proximus:finally you explained it---thank you very much---i was on my to be crazy-----just tell him to use any leecher---and stop bigging us10 months 3 weeks ago
@Proximus:finally you explained it---thank you very much---i was on my to be crazy-----just tell him to use any leecher---and stop bigging us10 months 3 weeks ago
@bilyardo he probably refers to online storage services, like zippyshare for example. He needs fast ones else would take him weeks to download all the requests he's making.10 months 3 weeks ago
Various/Deutsche & Albaner - ALLEBANIA VOL.1 HELP !10 months 3 weeks ago
what is the network hard drive ??????10 months 3 weeks ago
OK That's all right.
10 months 4 weeks ago
zsagent:OK That's all right.10 months 4 weeks ago
@qiuhongming: Because all these spammers like YOU, therefore do I always have to account for their login... rather send you to admin or hardhouse on PM, if something you want, dont write on shoutbox, okay? Therefore have PM on this site.10 months 4 weeks ago
Administrator, I would like to ask you a question, they help me upload the network hard drive, some sites can not download, some sites will not open, you do not specify a network hard disk10 months 4 weeks ago
Hello, administrator, why do I always have to account for their login? What's the reason?10 months 4 weeks ago
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