OTHERS RELEASES PLEASE???!!!12 months 39 min ago
ANERSO, which ADR scene group releases do you have?12 months 17 hours ago
Question for 100 points. Where is qiuhongming? hmmm12 months 19 hours ago
ANERSO, Thanks A Lot!!! P.S. Gavin & Nox?12 months 1 day ago
touareg filled all I got from your request ;)12 months 1 day ago
ANERSO, djgend, hardhouse, speednoise, ALL MY REQUESTS PLEASE12 months 1 day ago
@anerso almost all is from Tb collection :P12 months 2 days ago
@ gend indeed i think they didn t pay the hoster (hostgator) so they suspended the website. I don t know any head admin :( so can t know more about it :(12 months 2 days ago
ANERSO, OTHERS PLEASE...12 months 2 days ago
Who can help me with 2 Requests of my old nickname? (lost pw) months 2 days ago
ANERSO, NEED ALL...12 months 2 days ago
@ANERSO: Ask the experts to see how to deal with the VPN12 months 2 days ago
ANERSO, I see... Thanks a lot!!! But I need others also)))12 months 2 days ago
@ANERSO:I don't use it. I usually use my computer to surf the Internet. I rarely use my mobile phone to log on to my website12 months 2 days ago
touareg I am ;)12 months 2 days ago
ANERSO, HELP ME PLEASE?!12 months 2 days ago
qiuhongming use VPN?12 months 2 days ago
@djgend @ANERSO:
I was saying I can't download from other websites, not to say that all websites can't be downloaded because we can't visit other countries website in China
12 months 2 days ago
@djgend @ANERSO:
I was saying I can't visit the other country website in china, so it can not open the other sites
12 months 2 days ago
ftt what happened to xtc im only know a little about of that invite only forum i have an account but not logged in for a long time12 months 2 days ago
3E not EN wrong type12 months 2 days ago
nerver mind since Hunter is EN group lover as i know,at the same time he had an awsome collection like you do12 months 2 days ago
Sorry no xtc, only cocaine :P12 months 2 days ago
Héhé Dj Gend. I think the same (not sure it is hunter) and i am sure he is from xtc. Maybe he know something about the end ?12 months 2 days ago
My intuition ANERSO is from xtc, is a friend that i know, are you Hunter?12 months 2 days ago
@qiuhongming that is bullshit ! Anyone can use any site! Use JDownloader or other download manager :)12 months 3 days ago
What you said is really reasonable
what you say should be very cultural,Very mature
12 months 3 days ago
@All:@djgend @ANERSO @speednoise:
There's really no way
All of your uploads are a file
In the case of unusable software
All web sites cannot be opened
I can only use these two uploaded
12 months 3 days ago
Only I can't use these sites
12 months 3 days ago
Indeed bumping has absolutely NO use :)12 months 3 days ago
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