oh no this isnt 100% quality says 185 kbps, where's the comment police with this link? but fast enough to dump on my links!....Mmm yea ok then.

Well, CD rips can be only FLACs or VBR ~190 kbps (as the scene rules says). 320 kbps CD rips are available only as non-sceners, but this one is proper scene release, ofc.

I have a 320kbps copy but it's more or less the same quality, heavy loss of the spectrum above 17KHz so maybe the source was lossy to begin with

Yeah, some tracks has weak spectre even in FLAC. But, are you sure your source is certain and it isn't just upscaled?

The link died. Can you re-upload it please ? :)

The link died. Can you re-upload it please ?

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