Tiny Tot - Discoland

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anyone know this remix/mashup? click the link I put it so you load onto the time where they play it in his set.

can't seem to find it anywhere!

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There were no commercial releases of "Discoland" remixes lately. It's also different than (also mixed) one at ROTC54 ("Machine City", mixed by Partyraiser) - though that could be expected since playing even 2008 year stuff, even at warm-up stage of one of major festivals in year 2017 would be a fail. So imho it's just a Partyraiser's live mix of most popular/classic DJ Isaac's remix - nothing too complex, really, to add a generic mainstyle bassline for ~half a min.
Ofc you can try checking each and every from probably dozens of remixes by homemade dj-wannabes at soundcloud but exactly Partyraiser didn't share anything relevant as a solo track

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