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scene releases

i dont have it, ask it hardhouse

"scene releases

iDF - non-scene group...

Why non-scene group?

"Why non-scene group?"

info from .nfo-files of scene-group iDC:

"ZoNeNET is doing its part of damage to the MP3 scene by actively nuking
legitimate scene releases by dupechecking them against P2P releases done
by P2P groups like iDF (who do not even follow scene rules -- no shop
URLs in their NFOs)."

"It is also not a dupe of iDF since that is not a scene group and it
never was! It is a P2P group offering their "releases" on IRC XDCC bots.

Scanning P2P sites and adding P2P releases to scene databases is not
the way to go."

I understand. iDF same with VELOCiTY, PUTA or BC. Thanks to info, Diversant!

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