Some Older Tracks

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Be the One - Hixxy/Sy Unknown
Cheater - Da Ripperz (Stormtrooper Remix)
The Takedown - Gammer
Dream Forever - Kozza
Wanna Be Here With You - Chris Unknown
If You Believe - Sy & Unknown
Start the Party - Little Fella
Let it Spin - Marc Smith & Darren Hotchkiss

Looking for any information anyone has on the above tracks, can't seem to find them anywhere to buy/download digitally. Any info anyone has on whether they exist or not would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Uh, I saw the thread on Happy Hardcore(dot)com and I was going to reply you, sadly I didn't have time.
So. Let's start it
- Little Fella - Start the Party: Released on ReBuild Music as Little Fella - Time to Move EP, sadly no link to get digitally
- Marc Smith and Darren Hotchkiss - Let It Spin: Available on Beatport
- Sy and Unknown - If You Believe: Available on Beatport
- Chris Unknown - Wanna Be Here With You: Sadly didn't released to the public.
- Kozza - Dream Forever: Didn't knew, but there's a big batch of Lethal Theory releases around on xprm.
- Dougal and Gammer - The Takedown: Did Dougal and Gammer released this one?
- Cheater - Da Ripperz (Stormtrooper Remix): Did Nukleuz released this? (catalogged as bootleg and released on Hardcore Addiction 3)
- Hixxy, Sy and Unknown - Be the One: Weird too see a full version made by Hixxy :/.

But well, there is a big snap. If you want the If You Believe and Let it Spin tune, just tell me for drop a PM on hh(dot)com ;D.

Thanks a lot for the info mate! Shame about the unreleased tracks but I suspected as much lol. If you have links to the 2 tracks that would be great else I'll just buy them from beatport. Just lemme know cheers

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