Raver Baby Unreleased album

Request details: 

Album with Raver Baby unreleased tracks in digital quality (MP3 320 kbps)

I just know there are some Squad-E remixes on, like Gettin' Better or Sweetheart...


There's no album that I'm aware of but some of the tracks have had digital masters leaked in years gone by

Do you have a list of tracks your actually after?

it's more just a copied folder

I'm after all Raver Baby digital releases in CDR quality :)

As many people have wished for years... lol

Sadly the label has only ever had vinyl releases.
Some of the tracks were re-released digitally on other labels (HTID, Supersonik, 24-7 Hardcore) and a few more were leaked as masters.
However, this is only a small portion and the majority of it remains vinyl only

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