Overdrive - I Want Your Love/Goddamn (320 kbit/s if its possible)


Theoretically it's still possible to get WEB version (though actual quality, audio spectrum-wise, could be just anything , it's an old release by Edinet Music after all)
https://trackitdown.net/track/299103 + https://trackitdown.net/track/299105

1st track is avl. to pick for free:
... but as a part of modern compilations such tracks could have a different mastering compared to single's WEB version.

Warez scene released only vinyl rip = Overdrive_-_Goddamn(ACT047)-Vinyl-2004-NBD

Doh, keep forgetting there're some mp3 compilations that don't originate from streaming services/google play xD
"I Want Your Love" is fine, proper 320 kbps, typical spectrum pattern for Lame 3.95/3.96 - these builds cut most frequencies at ~19 kHz, maintaining only minor presence in 19-20 kHz range, then low-freq filter starts to completely cut everything off for default 20,5 kHz target value

Well, Goddamn comes from 'Summer Vibes, Vol. 16' ofc and I upload it because of higher spectrum. And I like retagging tracks tho xD As I know, 'Goddamn' wasn't released in any older compilation and didn't find it in LAME 3.95/3.96.

Anyway, I tried also download 'I Want Your Love' via Deezer from 'Activa Records Collection Vol. 6', but this track is removed.

Edit: 'I Want Your Love' will be released in „Hardstyle: The History, Vol. 1” compilation on 13th August! Fvckin' wait for it <3

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