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Catalog number: Mekanik 01
Year: 2004

Proper scene release (with mp3's passing sfv's CRC), please


Orly? I specifically stated "Proper scene release (with mp3's passing sfv's CRC)" because the release version in that pack is NOT a proper scene release. Can't pyrescene track 2 which means its audio stream was alternated or it was picked from some other release.
Not filled.

btw, good quest. 2d track from all my sources with bad CRC. weird

Ouch, then it's highly unlikely to be found at all.
I also noticed Manu_Kenton-Petrol-Vinyl-2004-SND for the same, but so far found only its track 1 at Soulseek. Maybe you can upload this scene release (or just track 2), hardhouse, please? :)

Thanks, hardhouse!
I'll change request name to this SND release, so mark your upload as filling it :)

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