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Catalog number: GBD233
Year: 2018

Need exactly MMS (that originates from that the warez group released after their initial MMS_INT (from deezer) one. So PLEASE pay attention - I'm not blind and can see at 1gabba/hardbay/corebay/etc. and I *DON'T* need Luminite_-_Rap_Saga_EP-(GBD233)-WEB-2018-MMS_INT
I found non-INT one at several other 0-day sites I know of but their rapidgator link (redirected from is for premium users-only :S


I've seen some users over at slsk have it in shares so it can't be that rare...

It's just MMS spams with multiple versions of the same release and this one was sorta overlooked (even after 10 hours past release time) since it got almost the same name with MMS's initial version. My sources are common/public sites, didn't manage to find it at usual places, google search was of no help - so decided not to wait and waste time tracking when and where it'll be reuploaded :P
My bad, forgot to check Soulseek. Yes, can see now there's 1 user with this exact release - which's pretty much a miracle, kinda got used that ppl don't update their collections/rescan shares too often and got only old retagged scene releases or webrips.
Thanks, Konfish! :)

No problem. I got it from Corebay, tho.

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