Looking for the full versions of the following HHC tracks

Request details: 

Note that I'm fully aware most were never released, so a confirmation whether that's true (outside of the mentioned source) is more than enough for me. The list is:

Petruccio & Modulate - R U Ready? / Hardcore Underground 3 Full version in the comments
Hixxy - Summer Sensation / Bonkers X Confirmed never released by NiGHTSH4DE
Hixxy - C.O.N. / Bonkers: The Original Hardcore - The Next Chapter Confirmed never released by NiGHTSH4DE
Robbie Long & Dj Stormtrooper - Future Dimension / Bonkers 13 - Hardcore Horror Show Got it
Modulate, Static - May Day / Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 9 Got it

Spit - Dial Again / Hardcore Addiction 5
Seduction - Rock The Jam / Hardcore Adrenaline 3
Mob Ft Mc Enemy - Children Of The Rave Scene / Hardcore Addiction 4
Mirror City - Feeling / Hardcore Underground 6
Hixxy & Mc Storm - Living In A Dream (2008 Mix) / Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 5
Gavin G & Dan Rolla - Hardcore Basement (2006 Mix) / Hardcore Underground 1
Gammer & G Spencer - Reflections / Bonkers 15
Fracus - Gonna Make You A Star / Hardcore Adrenaline 2
Dougal & Gammer - Unidentified / Hardcore Nation 3
Dougal & Gammer - The Takedown / Hardcore Adrenaline 3
Dougal & Gammer - Dancing Dj / Hardcore Adrenaline 2
Dj Lord - Raggamuffin Rock / Hardcore Underground 1


"Petruccio & Modulate - R U Ready?" is also known as Here We Go and was released on Return of the Clans
Have included a link to a 320kbps vinyl rip below:

As for the rest, haven't got them but if they were never officially released then you're only chance is if there are leaked masters.
I for one have been searching for Hixxy tracks for years and still haven't come across full versions of C.O.N or Summer Sensation, good luck...

Thank you NiGHTSH4DE for the track & for the info!

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