Lethal Theory missing tracks

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.beatport.com/release/joey-riot-vs-shax-and-the-raverqueen-ep/1120455
Catalog number: LTRAW005
Year: 2013

Anyone does have the track Bass Operator from Joey Riot in WEB too?


So you request both LTRAW005 _and_ "Joey Riot - Bass Operator" (as a bonus/optional request)? LTRAW005 alone fills the request?
"Bass Operator" is from LTR027 and before someone could have it as WEB (and possibly share it for free) it has to be available in some WEB shop (and doesn't look like it's so).

Bass Operator is a optional request.
Sadly is hard to find in WEB along with the last track from LTR022

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