Keltek - Dance The Way I Am


Unlikely that MMS messed with remastering of some track ripped from Google Play, just as unlikely Google Play got different from other WEB shops' version. There's only radio edit (which is typical for Cloud 9 group of labels) at Deezer/Tidal and it's mastered with the same -5 dBFS of "headroom".
So if you don't want to buy and fix lossless version of SCAN256's original mix then Mp3gain can be used to losslessly (e.g. you can undo changes and get exactly the same original audio stream) fix MMS's mp3 track, e.g.:

Tho ofc it won't pass CRC of sfv.

Hm, weird because I listened to the preview and it sounded much louder than the scene version. Maybe there actually was something wrong with the Google Play one.
Anyway, guess the only way is to buy it eh

Waveform previews at junodownload/beatport/ for this SCAN256 don't look noticeably different than for Scantraxx's earlier releases... Well, maybe idd it's one of those "special" release versions for Google Play & streaming services only, to give more reasons to buy the release.
Anyway, the quality of MMS version isn't affected, it's only about easily fixable mastering issue but ofc noone here would mind if someone else would spend his money to check that and share a "proper retail" version of the release :P

Similar situation as in the case of Rekson_and_Nuron_-_Fly_Away-(XBONE037)-WEB-2015-HB. In those days, all shops contained highly silenced first track. Later, it was fixed. Spoiled version is no longer available in shops streams.

But here, it's really weird. MMS track was bought for 100% (stream contains radio edit). Deezer/Google Play/Tidal stream contains silenced track (radio edit), but in previews of other shops, track seems to have normal volume. Maybe I'll buy it, but not promise.

Just bought it via Fortunately it has proper volume. First link redirect to completely unchanged file (cover (500x500 icon), same file name and tags). Second contains file tagged by me (tags: artist, title, album, date, genre, ttack number, BPM; cover 1000x1000, another file name).
Unchanged file
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Not sure if it was worth buying it as mp3 because, as expected, there's not much difference vs. fixed Google Play version (+5 vs. +4,5 dBFS, along with minor encoder settings' difference) but nevertheless thanks for caring and sharing, KonFish :)

No problem, Borgild ;) Pretty fine track, and better original volume from shop than turning up the volume using Audacity. Anyway, I really seldom buy music, but when I do this, always share. It's additional protection against possible loss of the files and I just enjoy sharing music ;)

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