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i am looking for a few HDC Group releases:
2005-Jun-22 - Joaquin_DJ-Hardstyle_Nightmare-(SIGMA110)-Vinyl-2005-HDC
2005-Jun-22 - Club_Oriented-California__Incl_O-Mind_Remix-(DIYG006)-READ_NFO-Vinyl-2005-HDC
2005-Jun-14 - DJ_Neros_and_Grzech-Promo_EP-(PGBL002)-Vinyl-2005-HDC
2005-May-25 - Noshima-My_Little_Angel-REPACK-Vinyl-2005-HDC

i hope that somebody could help me out :)
(tagged as Dance because Club Oriented and the Promo EP is more dance related)


thanks for the OC cover :)

thanks for it, even if i have to fix the release.

thanks for getting those 2 up hardhouse

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