Hardcore Heaven vol. 2


hey thanks alot admin :) you wouldn't have zippyshare links tho would ya?...says 2 hour dl using rapidgator :/ thanks anyways man

link keep keeps cutting off saying network error tried 3 times :(

make that 4 times failed to download now.

KonFish you are a life saver man! i been going bonkers trying to get this download with 8 failed downloads! connection kept cutting out? anyways huge thanks man :D

KonFish are you able to upload the 2nd scott brown cd? (split tracks) if the link has them? the 5 links above are cd 1

the 5 links are fine & have full cd :) sorry ive been a pain, been under alot of stress past few months everyday i wake up theres problem. thats life for ya

not trying to be ungrateful but its only cd 1 the 2nd cd with scott brown isnt in here?....both mixes are fracus inc split tracks, there is no scott brown mix or split tracks from 2nd cd :(

As I checked, 5th part contains Scott Brown Mix, I've downloaded it just now.

Select all 5 parts of the archive and extract with 7zip. If you just select part 1 and extract, it will only give you CD1. I did the same thing :)

True, these parts are independent to each other unfortunately. Anyway WinRAR also easily unpack it.

yes they worked thanks for doing that konfish, my head was fried yesterday reseting my ip all time to try download from rapidgator but kept cutting out after 15 mins? did it 8-9 times even tried jdownloader but still failed? maybe coz i use wifi? i am on EE fiber broadband which is fast, i am the guy who requested the cd,, how did you manage to get the download to complete?... i am grateful man thanks :)

Use cboxes, onleech.me allows downloading from Rapidgator (sometimes there are some problems).

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