Hardcore Cheddar - The Dutch Masters Volume Two

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Discogs or other URL:https://www.discogs.com/Various-Hardcore-Cheddar-The-Dutch-Masters-Volume-Two/release/39913
Catalog number: Rumour Records ‎– RAID 527
Year: 1995

Not the CD=1 track trash from the net of course. Preferably FLAC, good mp3 is fine of course too.


This is the lame one track flac of the entire CD, no single files like it should be. It's NOT a mix cd.

It's called image+cue (ripping) format, there's nothing "lame" in it and it takes just a bit of googling to figure out how to split a cd image into separate tracks by timings written in .cue file. Better non-mixed compilations as image+cue than mixed compilations split into solo tracks like many torrent trackers (what.cd, redacted, apollo) require

Actually, with FLAC releases it doesn't matter if they're separated or combined as they don't create gaps mp3s do.

Technically, no matter split or image, a set of tracks should be identical. But sometimes there're htoa's & pre-gaps that I'm not sure just any audio software (that's not EAC or CUEtools) can handle properly and generate a proper .cue for the changed ripping format.
But for mixed compilations - yes, guess it's a matter of preference. I'd store a mixed CD as image+cue than ~30-40 cut and mixed tracks that (usually) were released elsewhere before and have any value only as part of the continuous mix. Though since EAC log can't be changed guess it'd be proper/safer to maintain ripping format vs. log match

request is NOT filled.

actually filled, anyone can split one file with cuesplitter, etc.

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