Galactixx Ft. Snowflake - In Peace

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Discogs or other URL: No (free release)
Catalog number: No (free release)
Year: 2016
It was stored in Dropbox ( back then, but now it is not available for download and I can not find it anywhere. Probably someone still has it in his or her collection?


Any update on this ?
Wouldn't mind grabbing a copy of this :)

They haven't replied me so far. I wanted to give 'em 3-4 days, but later I forgot about it. I wrote to them again, I'm curious if they will answer and give a track.

Edit: Chance is getting less probable. No answer for 1,5 h after they're read my message.

2nd edit: Finally got it <3 Galactixx feat. Snowflake – In Peace (FREE) WEB WAV 2016!!
Original link from Galactixx:

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