Dr. Rude - Fire On The Floor (Web Version)


haha men , you have news of this ? i prefer repost this album ;)

If no one uploaded, it may mean no one have it/want to share. Dupes are spam.

it's nos spam because Request title is different ;)

But wanted tracks are the same tho... No comment.

yes but is different exactly ;)

you.are.retar.ed ;))) ;)))

yes you are ;)

no but this release is not found ;)

it's no extented album , look for this link beatport ;)

but it tard :D

I do not understand you when you write anonymous user :/

it's not this release look link beatport ;)

Admin it's not this release look link beatport ;)

Then don't add "CD Version" notion in the request name while you actually want someone to buy you WEB version. If you actually cared and if 320 kbps is good enough then you could've bought it long time ago with beatport's up to 50% discount events happening like every month

no he wont. he is retarded ;) you obviously arent

anonymous user & you are a stupid man ; you do not understand me ;)

no u

Anonymous User : you do not know what you're talking about, I know because I'm a music addict

u wot m8. more music addictered as can always be!!!

i think , i'm a serious member of this site , i'm not a leecher as you ;)

u no srsly!!!111!1

Borgild , It's an obvious cd version, because it's not a version shared by uploaders and it's not ripped, I do not know if it's a web version because Discogs do not say it, I do not I do not care but I would like to have this album that is not found on all illegal download platforms, I did not have the opportunity and facilitate it to buy it, I'm not rich, I just want that this passion makes me discover other untraceable albums, if you have this thank you for sending me immediately, cordially Azerty02.

discogs often is wrong because it is edited by people for free. and yeah they make (lots) of errors. i wouldnt rely to much on them tbh

Anonymous user , Discogs is not wrong or I do not see the interest and Beatport either, this album really exists in full version and it is not obsolete, Discogs is the best referencing of music.

nah mate this time discogs sux. it didnt even has times, sure there is web :D wtf mate

yes and this album version really exists, otherwise it would not be on Beatport ;)

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