DJ X.I.Cution Promos

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I am looking for any X.I.Cution promos that you may have. If you do have any, PLEASE UPLOAD!

Here's what I have:

- Dj X.i.cution - Feel The Beat (Bootleg).mp3
- Teka B & Dj X.I Cution - Magnus Dominus.mp3
- X.i.cution - always hardcore (bootleg).mp3
- X.i.cution - Dreamland.mp3
- X.I.Cution - Partymix Cooler Then Ayo.mp3

If any of these tracks are requested, here's the download link for all of them:

Any contribution is welcome, whether it's a rip from a liveset or it's a demo! It would be greatly appreciated! =D

Thanks in advance!

~ J3ffery


Ultimate Kaos - Casanova (X.I.Cution Bootleg).mp3
Teka B & Dj X.I.Cution - Magnus Dominus (B For Remix).mp3
Binum - The Last Time (X.I.Cution Remix).mp3
X.I.Cution - Partymix Cooler Then Ayo.mp3
X.I.Cution - Dreamland.mp3
Fatal Inc & Dj X.I.Cution - Jump Up My Pussy.mp3
Rihanna - Only Girl (B.A. Baracus Aka X.I.Cution Remix).mp3
B-D4vid & X.I.Cution - Bass Up.mp3
X.I.Cution - Real Bouncing Vibe (Bootleg).mp3
Teka B & Dj X.I Cution - Magnus Dominus (Bobov Edit).mp3
Teka B & X.I.Cution - Magnus Dominus (Dj Sound Feat B Remix).mp3
Dr Phunk & Dj Camp's - Alarma (X.I.Cution Heey Heey Edit).mp3
X.I.Cution - Club Can't Handle Me (Bootleg).mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - Knock Out! (Original Mix).mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - Let Me See Ya Dance.mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - All Over Me (Original Mix).mp3
X.I.Cution - Melody Of Whore.mp3
X.I.Cution - Lick Da Plate (Bootleg).mp3
X.I.Cution & Fatal Inc. - Jumpin' Titties.mp3
X.I.Cution & Fatal Inc. - Comming Home (Bootleg).mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - I Am The Dominater (Bootleg).mp3
X.I.Cution - The Rain Bootleg.mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - There's No Xicution's Limit.mp3
X.I.Cution - Will Let The Heads Roll (Bootleg).mp3
Teka B & Dj X.I Cution - Magnus Dominus.mp3
X.I.Cution - Capella 2009 (Short).mp3
X.I.Cution - Always Hardcore (Bootleg).mp3
Lethal Mg - Official Booleg 2 (X.I.Cution Kissed A Girl Bootleg 2.mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - Feel The Beat (Bootleg).mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - Sound Of The Snartz(Bootleg).mp3
Derb - Derb (X.I.Cution Bootleg).mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - X-Rated Love 2009.mp3
Dj X.I.Cution - The Last Time Short Intro.mp3

Will upload it when i have the time in this week

Sounds great!
Thnx! =D

nice list ! would like to have them to ! :D

zip 002 & 003 fichier DLL pas d'archives rar lol

C'est une archive découpée, Ouvre avec le bon programme, genre 7-zip, merci

7 zip et winrar c'est la même non ? :)

presque, si winrar n'ouvre pas l'archive chez toi 7-zip le fera dans tout les cas

re-up link please!

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