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Thanks, Konfish!
Tho I'm starting to hate for captcha and other scripts that won't allow to d/l till you give it all kinds of permissions :S

No problem, Borgild o/
Hmm, I use uBlock on Chrome and I must do captcha only when I download multiple times.
But I can change host to another one for you. Anonfile, which you use, seems to be good server.

Well, I also use uBlock but also uMatrix (to fine-tune what scripts sites run in background) and my default Firefox with some extra paranoid/security config settings. After I pass captcha there's their usual progress bar animation (at top of the screen) running and then it just shows me a blank page with "permission denied" message at :S
Looks like requires some kind of config setting enabled (unlike other sites I visit) because there were np with my backup browser solution (also with ad + script blockers but at a pre-Chrome-engined version of Firefox) so it's definitely not uBlock, uMatrix, cookies or SendRefererHeader-setting related. It's just not worth it to spend hours trying to figure out what exact config setting exactly this wants.
Also this sort of "find matching pictures" google captcha is not the friendliest of all (especially its "street sign" or "till none left" variations when you can spend quite some time clicking this shit).

Anyway, it's only my browser setup problem, not everyone's/common one + d/l links at are rare. It's just sorta stupid/disgusting having to deal with this cheesy and overcomplicated captcha/ad/script shit, spending much more time on "meeting prerequisites" than actual download of some mp3 track/single/EP takes or deserves :(

Btw did you check your previous d/l links to confirm if actually keeps them online long enough? You've seen that list of hundreds of filehosts available around and yet you stick exactly to this :P

So as I understand, need some settings enabled on older version of Firefox so site works bad, right? I've never met such problems. I suppose older Firefox doesn't have some stuff which are required at I think, I'll upload files on anonfile addtionally, because works excellent in my case (I had to complete captcha less than 10 times so far).
I use because of high-speed download, no waiting between downloads and just before downloading, very long (but unknown) existence duration of link. Here's an example: (fine track anyway). Date of upload: over 1 year and only one download. I noticed that .json files are kept really short (~1 day). This example is main reason of using by me. I saw your list of hosts, but they weren't good enough. Some of them doesn't work.

PS. is so weird. Some random stories which are different each time you refresh the page. They seems to be mysterious and a bit creepy (about e.g. killing). When I'll have more free time, I'll check exactly what it's all about.

> I suppose older Firefox doesn't have some stuff which are required at
Nah, in my previous message I described my problems with latest Firefox version which is now based on Google Chrome engine so it's almost completely identical to it. I'm sure if I reset config to default settings and will use only uBlock there'll be no problems with as well. Just trying to be aware and control what sites load there in the background and minimize permissions granted to get 'em working

> I use because of high-speed download
I know it's not trivial to find a free solution when you need to upload and maintain online label packs or lossless albums but usually at this site it's about just 1 mp3 track or release so speed issue is pretty irrelevant.
Anyway, it's only me who kinda dislikes it/would prefer to avoid this filehost if there're mirror links, you should treat it as my personal preference and ofc you should use w/e filehost you're most comfortable with. Unlike links everyone can d/l from, it's just not as trivial as, say, zippyshare :)

> I had to complete captcha less than 10 times so far
You consider it ok? Classic text captcha (e.g. by solvemedia at rapidgator/alfafile) is completed as it should be - from 1st attempt :P Though Google's one's probably more comfortable to touchscreen devices' users

>Nah, in my previous message I described my problems with latest Firefox version
Lul, I read the exact opposite of it. Inb4 I'm not drunk/stoned/whatevah xD

>You consider it ok?
I know it can be annoying, but it's acceptable by me. It's extremely rare situation in my case.

You mentioned also vk links, that's pretty interesting topic. If you're on Corebay you could see my uploads with VK links only over half year ago. It's really hassle-free host. But I got reliable info about some dangers. Exists possibility that VK could turn over IP address information on downloads for members in regions with stricter IP laws and leechers it could lead to some sort of legal action or threats. That's why I stopped giving VK links here despite of many high download convenience.

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