Bullet for My Valentine ‎– Letting You Go (Zardonic Remix)

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.discogs.com/Bullet-For-My-Valentine-Gravity/release/12203327
Catalog number: SPINE756413
Year: 2018

Even Zardonic shared this track on VK, but there it's 16 kHz spectre (upconvert). Extremely hard to find it, no digital direct download. Anyway I still believe, there's someone who have exaclty this Deluxe Edition version of Gravity album share this remix. Thank you.


If spectrum is higher than 16 kHz, yes.

Unfortunately 16 kHz. Anyway thanks for good intentions.

Too many album versions spawned, the track's missing at ltd or even jap physical media/CD version, only this weird deluxe one. Anyway, you overestimate total number of ppl visiting exactly this site and the chances that some of them could be interested in some rock artists/release that much that they'd buy, rip and ready to share exactly this deluxe version (not just pick lossless WEB or ltd version's CD rip at torrents for free). Also it's way too fresh, released less than a month ago.
Hopefully some day lossless rip'd leak to torrents otherwise you either need to be a respectable member of some closed community or keep checking sharing platforms like Soulseek several times a day with no guarantees anyone will ever log in with this track shared :( Dunno, maybe it's possible to buy at least proper 320 kbps version of this exact track from Zardonic himself (tho ofc there're obvious copyright issues that'll make him reluctant to agree with this "sorta" backstabbing for those Valentine folks deal).

I know this album has many versions and it's a bit complicated to buy exactly this edition. I saw 2 leaked versions of this song: upconverted 320 kbps (16 kHz) with 5:08 duration and upconverted 192 kbps (also 16 kHz) with 5:14 duration. This version is still able to get, some stores offer CD + digital version uploaded via mail. I also thought about contacting with Zardonic, but I guess he'd recommend me to buy full album. And I know I wrote it very optimistically, despite of really low chances. Anyway, hope dies last.

Maybe, you're right. Zardonic some time ago released for free so many tracks from the past.

Unfortunately upscaled, but thanks for showing interest!

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