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looking 4 it :) i dont know if it was ereased before because its against some rules?=? but this is
hardstyle from 2003 :)


make no sense toll call it dupe, if the link is dead

Need more self-proclaimed moderators.
If you tag a request as dupe then reupload a dead link in that initial request you refer to

Who says the person who discovers it's a dupe does have the request?

It wasn't that anon person who _tagged_ this request as dupe, blue-colored status (unless ofc I missed something and requests get auto-tagged now as dupes if any comment by any user contains such word). Afaik the purpose of the site is to help people while providing info that request for the same release existed before, without checking that requests' d/l link status and/or reuploading it, doesn't serve this purpose in any way.
Noone "said" people're supposed to necropost in several-years-old requests for new d/l links either, such necroposts naturally have much more chances to get overlooked (visible only in comments' feed and quickly get trumped by new comments in all other requests)

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