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Hi, I'm looking for scenes below:


+ non-scene releases (BC, PUTA, VELOCiTY etc.) of UPRDIGI008, UPRDIGI009, UPRDIGI010 (if exist ofc).
Thanks in advance.


Most of these old DWM's WEBs with Junodownloads' encoder settings and reference in nfo are suspiciously poor in 16-20,5 kHz spectrum range. Even Full/Simple (i.e. non-Joint) Stereo and -q 2 doesn't excuse that. I mean if you pick lossless version, encode it with the same LAME 3.98.4 with the same settings you get a better-looking spectrum AND a bit different tracks' length (these manually encoded from lossless source ones are longer).
Ofc there's a little chance that lossless sources are different: streaming service vs. proper WEB shop, these days' WEB from generic shop vs. year 2012 WEB from official site/exclusive WEB shop. But my guess such DWM's WEBs are reencoded from iTunes' m4as because... well, they always cost less than conventional mp3s and there were no Google Play/Deezer to rip from for free back then... + AAC = VBR and the latter traditionally produces a bit shorter tracks than CBR mode.
Also there's a bunch of DWM's WEBs (e.g. at Contagious records) that are obvious 128 kbps upscales but yet they got the same Junodownload's encoder settings and reference in nfo so DWM definitely knew about typical shop's encoder settings and were not shy to mimick 'em if they just wanted to produce a release from a random-sourced version they came across.

True, just checked spectra and compare with mp3 from Deezer. These ones are upscaled. Thanks for exhausting information.

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