Techno requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Public Domain ‎– Operation Blade (Bass In The Place...) Filled Techno 1 24-Apr-2015
Monday's Vida ‎– Balltrap Addicts / Face To Face Filled Techno 1 23-Apr-2015
Rhesus+ ‎– Pacific's Wind Filled Techno 1 22-Apr-2015
DANNY_WILLIAMSON_-_SOCIAL_CONTROL-(KFD019B)-WEB-2013-SOB Filled Techno 1 19-Apr-2015
ALEX_KIDD_-_JUST_GET_TO_IT-(KFD020A)-WEB-2013-SOB Filled Techno 1 19-Apr-2015
ALEX_KIDD_-_TIPTOES-(KFD018B)-WEB-2013-SOB Filled Techno 1 19-Apr-2015
ALEX_KIDD_-_TIPTOES-(KFD018A)-WEB-2013-SOB Filled Techno 1 19-Apr-2015
Audio surgery records full label Open Techno 1 19-Apr-2015
Yoji Biomehanika ‎– Tales From The Big Room Filled Techno 1 09-Apr-2015
Miss Djax & Human Resource vs. Marshall Masters ‎– Stereo Destroyer Filled Techno 1 09-Apr-2015
S.O. Project ‎– Direct Dizko Filled Techno 2 08-Apr-2015
MDA & Spherical ‎– Remix EP Filled Techno 1 04-Apr-2015
Frank Helmedach-Judgement-Promo Vinyl-2003-MTC Filled Techno 1 03-Apr-2015
Old Hard Trance track - what is this??? Filled Techno 1 03-Apr-2015
Nexus Project ‎– Funky Drummer Filled Techno 2 02-Apr-2015
Kobbe_-_Photosphere-(Pock11)-Vinyl-2004-EMP Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015
DK_-_Murder_Was_the_Bass_(DK08)-Vinyl-2003-aZTeK Open Techno 1 27-Mar-2015
Tom_Wax-Mechanical_Slavery_(PWR010)-Vinyl-2003-QMI Closed Techno 0 27-Mar-2015
VA-Turbulence_Chapter_1-(Patterns_008)-Vinyl-2003-MTC Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015
End_Jy-Red_Alert_LUPP012-VINYL-2003-BPM Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015
Monika_Kruse_At_Voodoamt_-_Abseits_(TERM_017-6)-EP-2002-TR Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015
Renato_Cohen_-_Pontape-(Intec17)-Vinyl-2002-QTXMp3 Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015
Silicon_Works-You_Can_Fly-Retail-Vinyl-2003-PULSE Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015
Marco_Zaffarano-Re_Take_Playback-Vinyl-2002-TCLUB Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015
Frank_Biazzi-Turbulence-(Lupp_04)-Vinyl-2002-MTC Filled Techno 2 27-Mar-2015