Techno requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Dj eM-Miss You (Splinta remix) Filled Techno 1 17-May-2013
stg77 - in the army now (orgasmo remix) Expired Techno 0 11-May-2013
Martell - Ariel Closed Techno 1 20-Apr-2013
F&E feat. Mc Renegade - Here Comes The Boom! Expired Techno 0 19-Apr-2013
A*S*Y*S ‎– Trommelmaul (Acti's Subground Remix) Closed Techno 0 12-Apr-2013
Goldkind-Elevate_EP-WEB-2012-UKHx Filled Techno 1 19-Mar-2013
hardbass 2013 video stream Filled Techno 2 17-Mar-2013
Best Of Sounds Diabolic Vol 3 Filled Techno 1 16-Mar-2013
Dj Scot Project-I want your love Filled Techno 5 15-Mar-2013
Complete label: Subground by Activator Filled Techno 2 15-Mar-2013
Activator-Thanaz Larkee-(sub003)-web-2011-srg Filled Techno 1 15-Mar-2013
Steve Hill ‎– Hard Trance Is My Life (5CD) Closed Techno 1 14-Mar-2013
Various ‎– Future Trance Vol. 45 (Unmixed) Closed Techno 1 12-Mar-2013
Dermot Bateman - Input Out Closed Techno 1 04-Mar-2013
VA_-_Bassleader_Capital_of_the_Harder_Styles_2012_Compilation-3CD-2012-SOB Filled Techno 2 24-Feb-2013
[LABEL] Rage & Error Music Filled Techno 4 23-Feb-2013
Searching Around The World - Hardtechno label Filled Techno 3 19-Feb-2013
Underground Construction - Releases Closed Techno 1 18-Feb-2013
Floorfilla_-_Italodancer__The_Hypno-cdm-2001 Closed Techno 1 15-Feb-2013
Mike Steventon - Vibrations (Josh Lang Remix) Closed Techno 1 13-Feb-2013
Mhonolog_Vs_Razor-Replace_Or_Accumulate_EP-(ANIMASOLA002)-Vinyl-2006-BEX Filled Techno 2 12-Feb-2013
Viper_XXL_-_Hardtechno_Anthem-(ANIMASOLA003)-Vinyl-2007-SQ Filled Techno 1 12-Feb-2013
Sepromatiq-Grosse_Katastrophe-(ANIMASOLA04)-Vinyl-2007-MTC Filled Techno 1 12-Feb-2013
Fl-X-Behind_Reality-ANIMASOLA005-VINYL-2008-BPM Filled Techno 1 12-Feb-2013
VA-Animasola_EP_2_(ANIMASOLA006)-Vinyl-2008-NBD Filled Techno 1 12-Feb-2013