Speedcore requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Speedcore Italia Label Open Speedcore 2 25-Nov-2018
Neurocore-Falling Apart Open Speedcore 0 22-Nov-2018
Perdition Records Filled Speedcore 1 01-Oct-2018
LK-47 & TerrorClown - Rebel Circus Open Speedcore 0 04-Sep-2018
DJ Tense & Nevermind - The Beyond - Fear and the Unknown. Open Speedcore 0 24-Aug-2018
Lord of Speed - Reis in het onderbewuste Filled Speedcore 1 01-Aug-2018
TerrorNoize Industry E.P. 1 Vinyl (proper recording at 45 rpm) Open Speedcore 4 27-Jul-2018
Fist of Fury ‎– Drugamer Open Speedcore 0 16-Jul-2018
SOX #2 Open Speedcore 0 15-Jul-2018
Qualkommando - 20th Anniversary Open Speedcore 1 08-Jun-2018
Greazy_Puzzy_Fuckerz-We_Feel_Like_A_Fuck-WEB-2017-PITY Filled Speedcore 4 04-May-2018
Creatures Of The Occult – Lesson Of Lucifer SBMB 028 (web) TNC Open Speedcore 0 22-Mar-2018
Jack Lucifer - Living Death Filled Speedcore 2 06-Mar-2018
Kurwastyle Project – Evil Motherfucker EP Open Speedcore 0 05-Mar-2018
U.v.c. - ultra violent hardcore Dupe Speedcore 0 04-Mar-2018
Total Brutal Records Filled Speedcore 1 10-Nov-2017
Missing stuff in label: "Masters Of Speedcore" Open Speedcore 0 11-Sep-2017
audiotist - ritmestoornis Filled Speedcore 2 07-Sep-2017
passenger of shit 6 cd flac Open Speedcore 0 05-Sep-2017
Shit-E Filled Speedcore 2 31-Aug-2017
PASSENGER OF SHIT 7 CD FLAC Open Speedcore 0 23-Aug-2017
PASSENGER OF SHIT 3 CD FLAC Open Speedcore 0 08-Aug-2017
Passenger Of Shit ‎8 Open Speedcore 0 27-May-2017
Noisekick_and_Paranoizer_-_Terrordrang-(NKR015)-2CD-2015-BC Filled Speedcore 1 26-May-2017
Passenger_Of_Shit-Volume_2-CD-2001-DOC Open Speedcore 0 17-May-2017