House requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
DJ_Torete-My_Name_Is_Melisha_Vol_6_(OMDIGI_0020)-WEB-2012-NRG Filled House 2 04-Oct-2015
DJ_Torete_Vs_DJ_Tega_-_Bamboozed_(Dark_Style)-(OMDIGI_039)-WEB-2013-NRG Filled House 1 04-Oct-2015
Gari_Seleckt_And_DJ_Gusta-From_Barcelona_To_Bilbao_%28GS_004%29-WEB-2009-NRG Filled House 2 04-Oct-2015
Gari_Seleckt_-_Gard_Bass_Vol_3-(GS003)-WEB-2009-PROXY Filled House 2 04-Oct-2015
Gari Seleckt - Gard Bass Vol 1-(GS001)-WEB-2009-PROXY Filled House 1 04-Oct-2015
Gari Seleckt - Gard Bass Vol 1-(GS001)-WEB-2009-PROXY Filled House 2 04-Oct-2015
Duke Layon - Overdunked Filled House 2 29-Sep-2015
Eddie_Lock_Feat._Boy_George-Psychology_of_the_Dreamer-Remix-Vinyl-2003-MTC Filled House 1 29-Sep-2015
TIDY TWO LABEL Filled House 5 21-Sep-2015
Allan_Jones_-_Till_the_World_Ends-(XTRAEDITION009)-WEB-2012-NRG Filled House 1 18-Sep-2015
Hampenberg-Love In Siberia Incl Remixes-WEB-2008-UKHx Filled House 2 17-Sep-2015
Radio_Slave-I_Dont_Need_A_Cure_For_This__N.I.N.A._Remixes-(REKIDS050DB)-WEB-2010-320 Filled House 2 10-Sep-2015
Molella-Desert_Of_Love-(MIE8033300008478)-WEB-2009-HFT Filled House 1 09-Sep-2015
Sante_feat._J.U.D.G.E.--Awake-(UL5847)-WEB-2014-OMA Filled House 1 08-Sep-2015
Jose_Delgado_feat_Dani_Menez_-_Ti_Amo_EP-(CSDA_0497)-WEB-2013-ZzZz Filled House 1 05-Sep-2015
Orange-Better_Days-(MIE8033300008614)-WEB-2009-HFT Filled House 1 05-Sep-2015
DJ BoozyWoozy Singles, EP's & Album Filled House 7 03-Sep-2015
Klubbheads Singles, EP's & VA's Open House 8 03-Sep-2015
SM-Trax releases Open House 7 30-Aug-2015
Organ_Donors_-_Moogerfoogin-(DRUCK025)-WEB-2010-BPM Filled House 1 28-Aug-2015
Bonnie Tyler & Blutonium Boy Feat. Van Snyder ‎– Holding Out For A Hero 2K15 (BLU-236) Filled House 2 17-Aug-2015
Jacob B - Detroit Cellar EP (SAWH029) WEB 2015 Open House 0 16-Aug-2015
TN.T - Rave EP (SAWH028) WEB 2015 Open House 0 16-Aug-2015
Beazar - Prince Of Montagu EP WEB 2015 Filled House 1 16-Aug-2015
The Chemical Brothers ‎– Do It Again CDR Filled House 1 14-Aug-2015